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5 Great Tips to Choosing the Best Wellness Coach

Choosing a good wellness coach can be a bit overwhelming. This is because there are so many wellness coaches in the market who has different experience and expertise. With the rate at which people want to be healthier, thinner, and happier, wellness and health coaching is growing rapidly.

The following are tips that can guide you when selecting a wellness coach.

  1. Experience

If you have a wellness training with a coach who received training from an approved program, then the training will provide a great experience. If the coach is certified nationally, then at least 50 coaching sessions is required.

Through the programs, the coach usually works with the client to accumulate the required sessions so that the training can be completed. The coaches who are not-so-much-experienced usually offer reduced rates or provide coaching for free, they have been taught the skills of coaching, and with continuous practice, they gain more experience.

If you get such kind of a coach, then you can go for it because it will be a win-win situation; you pay little amount for training, and you help them to develop. But if you want a more seasoned coach, with high rates, you can still go for it.

  1. Training and Certification

There are coaches in the market with no training and certification but still do a great job, while there are others with no training or certification and do a shoddy job. There is a body that’s called National Board Certification for Health and Wellness Coaches [NBC-HWC] whose primary purpose is to provide a minimum standard and measure of foundational competence, knowledge, tasks, and the skills essential to the practice of health and wellness coaching.

When selecting a wellness coach, choose one that is trained, and verify if the coach attended an approved training program. Trust in a coach that has invested in becoming a great coach.

  1. Free consultation and calls

Many wellness coaches provide free consultation to test-drive the relationship and determine whether you can be a good match. There are also coaches who offer a 30-minute free call. This call is for the client to share why they are considering a wellness coach and for the coach also to explain their coaching philosophy and their experience. Both the client and the coach are able to ask questions. This is a perfect chance for both parties to get acquainted with one another.

  1. An additional expertise

Before you choose a coach, consider if he has other areas of expertise in terms of education, experience, or a previous career. If your goal is weight loss, financial planning, or relationship, then you can get a coach who has a background in nutrition, accounting, or family counselling.

This can be a bit tricky, but it is applicable. If your goal is to eat healthily and a well-balanced diet, then finding a coach with a nutrition background would be the perfect choice.  Before you start training with a coach, you should define your relationship and boundaries clearly because coaches don’t need an expertise in the area that you are planning to change.

  1. Connection

There should be some sort of strong connection and trust between you and your coach because at some point, the conversations can get personal and the coach might also ask some challenging and confidential questions. But when there is a connection, you can both overcome the challenges and celebrate success.

Open communication accompanied by honesty can facilitate change, and as you get along with the coach, there will be a unique relationship between you and the coach. The rule of the thumb is that you should choose a coach that you can trust and connect with, if not, then continue searching for one.

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