5 Hot Trends in Fitted Kitchens for 2021 – Know How to Update Your Kitchen

Are you currently in the process of planning out a kitchen renovation for 2021? Does that renovation project include a brand new fitted kitchen? If so there is no doubt a list of things you want the kitchen design to feature, but you may also want to consider what’s trending and hot for 2021. There are actually a variety of fitted kitchen trends that show signs of being trendy in 2021, which means you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes and budget concerns.

Below are five hot trends for fitted kitchens in 2021, all of which can help you in the planning process.

Colour Pops Will be Big in 2021

Here’s a trend that is relatively easy to include in your fitted kitchen design. Adding pops of colour in the cabinetry will be really hot for 2021. So too is the trend of choosing one colour for the upper cabinetry and then another colour for the lower cabinetry. If colour scares you a bit, this two-tone approach can be a little less intimidating.

Light Wood Cabinetry

On the flip side, in terms of colour, anything that is light wood will also be trending for 2021. For those who like light, bright spaces this will work well with their design plans. Think in terms of native Irish wood options like Birch or Ash. It can also be a trend you carry into the rest of the home to create a sense of flow.

Unique Designs that Make Sense in the Space

Another trend is to look for fitted kitchen suppliers that will design to your specific needs and wants. The end result looks very high-end, customised, and of course will be incredibly functional since it was made with your specific concerns and requests in minds. Hunter Hall Design stresses that this approach also gives homeowners a chance to speak with experienced designers who can recommend tips, materials, colour palettes, and design elements and features that you may not have even thought of.

Handle-Free Cabinetry Making a Big Splash

This particular trend is really easy to include in your design. Cabinets without the standard door knobs, pulls, or handles are really hot at the moment and give a more streamlined and modern feel to the space. You can choose fitted kitchen cabinets that have side grooves or recessed handles instead.

Glass-Front Cabinets for a Traditional Take

If you are a fan of a traditional looking kitchen, then the glass front cabinet trend is right up your alley. You don’t even have to put glass fronts on every cabinet as you can mix it in with the typical panelling if you choose. Glass front cabinets allow you to showcase antiques, heirlooms, and other beautiful pieces in your cabinets.

Something for Everyone

What’s clear to see is that fitted kitchen trends for 2021 have a little something for everyone. So you should have no trouble making sure your kitchen is not only functional but also extremely stylish.

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