5 Luxurious Ways to Keep the Memories of Your Perfect Wedding Day Alive

Have you ever thought about how amazing it can be to grow old with your wife or husband and keep the memories of your wedding day alive? The day you got married is one of the most important days of your life.

This makes every wedding detail – including the preparation, reception, and everything else that happens during a wedding – very important. These things should be preserved for yourselves and the generations to come.

Fortunately, technology advancements together with luxurious innovations have made this possible. For instance, today, you can add all your wedding photos to a luxurious cloud-based photo book or album. You can even print it if you want.

There are different luxurious ways to keep the memories of your perfect wedding day alive. Some of them include;

Luxurious Wedding Photo Albums

One of the best and most common ways of preserving your wedding day memories is through photos. Since your wedding day is important in your life, you need to make sure that you have hired the services of one of the best luxurious photographers. 

This is important in ensuring that you get quality services. Make sure that you have captured every moment and activity during your wedding. After that, you need to look for the best way of preserving these photos. 

The most luxurious way of doing that is looking for stunning wedding photo books. Depending on your requirements, these photo books are not only luxurious but also customizable. 

You can keep them in the cloud or even print them if you wish. With this, you will preserve your wedding memories for generations to come.

Frame the Wedding Garments

The most common garments in a wedding are the wedding florals and gown for the bride and the wedding suit for men. Some people also value their wedding shoes. If, for instance, you had ordered your wedding gown from one of the luxurious stores we have today, you will most likely want to preserve it for your memories.

One way of preserving these garments is by framing them. However, before you start the process, contract the services of a luxurious clothing preserver first. This is because you need to ensure that the gown or suit is clean before it can be framed.

You will also need to get a luxurious and custom made shadow acid-free box to keep the garments. Those who want to preserve their florals should make sure that they are first rearranged and turned into a monogram. The florals and wedding gowns or suits can be preserved in the same shadow box.

Change Your Wedding Gown into Jewellery

Getting your wedding gown from one of the most expensive luxurious stores or even designers with great history like Alexander McQueen might make you sentimental about it. You might find yourself in a situation where you do not want to ever be separated from the wedding gown – just like your vows say, till death.

Fortunately, you can convert your wedding gown into jewellery that you can use for the rest of your life. For instance, if you want to make your tie clips, earrings, or even necklaces from your wedding gown, you can look for luxurious jewellery designers with instructions to make jewellery for you from your wedding gown.

Using different methods such as wax casting, these professionals can take any part of your wedding gown, even fabric, and convert it into metal. That way, you will preserve parts of your wedding gown for many years.

Wedding Gown Makeover

Having spent thousands or even millions of dollars on designing the perfect luxurious gown for your wedding, you might be faced with the challenge of never using that gown again. This is something that people who appreciate luxury would want to avoid.

Fortunately, you can give your wedding gown a makeover to ensure that you can use it again. Of course, this is for people who would not like to frame the wedding gown – they want to keep using it.

If you seek the help of the most popular luxury brands, they can find different ways for you to redesign your gown into something that you can use. If you have daughters or are planning on getting them, you can even design dresses for them to use during special occasions. This way, you will always see your wedding gown even when you grow old.

Wedding Cake Ornament

The wedding cake is one of the most important points of focus in any wedding. This explains the reason why a huge budget goes into making sure that the wedding cake is perfect and beautifully baked.

A large number of newlyweds try as much as they can to keep part of their wedding cake for their first anniversary. Even though possible and good, what about the other years that follow? What about ten years down the line?

Luckily, some luxurious designers can recreate your wedding cake from a few photos of the wedding cake. These designers come up with an exact mini replica of the wedding cake and give you something that can be used as an ornament. You can hang it in your house or use it as part of your necklaces.

If you want to keep the memories of your perfect wedding day alive, you can use one or more of the ways discussed above. You, however, need to hire the services of professional luxury designers to ensure that everything goes according to plan.



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