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5 Outdoor Projects You Should Finish This Summer

Summer is meant to be spent outdoors – family barbecues, pool parties, splashing around in the sprinkler, outdoor movies under the stars, and more. However, is your backyard or outdoors space up-to-par with all the demands that summer asks for? 

Here’s a checklist of all the things you can do to get your home summer-ready and make your home the favorite hangout space of all your friends and family!

#1: DIY Outdoor Seating 
All the get-togethers that summer is prime time for include a lot of people – and therefore, you’re probably going to need some extra seating. That’s why you can consider making some DIY seating solutions to offer plenty of comfy sitting spaces for your guests. Whether it’s just for you or if you’ll be entertaining, a bench, lounge chair, or even an entire outdoor sofa is great for reading on a lazy afternoon outside, or for a family barbecue, and everything in between!

#2: DIY Patio Tables 
If you’re entertaining or hanging out in your outdoor space on your own, seating isn’t all you’re going to want – you will likely want tables as well. Whether you want to bring the family outside to dine or give guests eating space at a gathering, you can make incredible DIY tables yourself at home.

#3: Set the Scene with Lighting! 
Lighting is important to set the mood and atmosphere in any setting, and your outdoors is no exception. There are plenty of lighting options you can choose from, including LED motion-activated lights, string lights, and so much more. Get an idea of what atmosphere and vibe you’re going for and work from there to create the ideal lighting situation.

One good idea is to give yourself a lot of different options that you can turn on depending on the occasion. Soft fairy lights might be good to read by on a quiet evening on your own, while something brighter might be more suited to a larger group of people.

#4: Do Some Landscaping 
People aren’t the only ones that need to “get in shape” for summer – your lawn can get in shape, too! Do a little bit of landscaping to give your outdoors that extra pop to wow your guests and neighbors. This can be a fun activity that comes with high reward when you get to come home to a beautifully manicured outdoor space each and every day. 

#5: Check Your Wood Fence 
Especially if you have pets in your home, or if you have your friends come over with their pets, then this is an important project to take on before the days of outdoor hangouts begin! In addition, it’s a good idea to make sure your fence is up to par with the demands of summer if you have kids who will be playing in your yard. This way, you know they won’t get too far out of your sight without you noticing. Make sure that you have a high quality wood fence that meets with your summer and year-round demands! 

The Verdict 
Make this summer the best one yet! With the above projects done, your outdoors space will definitely be ready for plenty of time spent outside and enjoyment of the fresh air and summer heat! This helps to make sure that your outdoor space is ideal for get togethers, family bonding, and even some peaceful and serene alone time in your home’s beautiful outdoor area.

With places for people to sit, places for people to eat, great lighting solutions, a perfectly manicured lawn, and a space enclosed by a wooden fence you can trust, your home’s outdoor space will quickly become the envy of your neighbors and be your family and friends’ go-to-choice for outdoor gatherings! So start taking on these simple projects today to get your home summer-ready and start planning all the fun activities with your loved ones that can take place right at your home!

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