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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Professional

If you own your own home, you have a lot of different responsibilities. When something goes wrong, you might consider hiring a professional to perform any necessary improvements or repairs. While hiring a professional is the smart choice most of the time, there are some questions you should ask before you make your final decision. A lot of professional repairmen are reputable and build their businesses on trust. Others, however, might take advantage of your lack of knowledge on a subject in order to make more money from your repair. Avoid paying more than you should by asking these 5 questions before hiring a professional for your home!

1.   Can you do this repair yourself?

The biggest question is whether you can actually perform the repair yourself. There are a lot of great resources available on the internet nowadays for people willing to do a little work themselves. If you’re good at following directions and have access to a hardware store, you might have everything you need at your own disposal to do the repair. Not all repair experts will let you know if this is an improvement or repair you can actually do on your own, so it’s best to do your own research.

2. Understand the process.

Before your repairman begins the project, you’ll want to make sure they know what they’re doing. That’s where your research comes in. If you’re already familiar with how a repair or improvement of this nature should take place, then you will feel confident in asking this question. Do your own research online about common repairs like this to get a feel for how it should be handled. If your prospective repairman seems to have a firm grasp on what he or she is doing, odds are you’re going in the right direction with your search. Avoid “experts” who refuse to go into detail about their particular process. All reputable repair people, regardless of industry, should be willing to speak openly about their process.

3. What’s the cost range?

Along with your research into the process, look into the average cost of your repair or improvement. This will vary depending on materials and labor required, but knowing a solid range is a good way to notice whether you’re being quoted a fair number. Review this guide for a starting point on fair price depending on your particular project. Once you’ve received a quote, make sure to get it in writing before beginning your project with your repairman.  

4. Who are the best experts in your area?

Once you’ve covered the first few questions, it’s time to narrow your search. When it comes to home repairs, you don’t want to risk your project on any company or professional who can’t guarantee success. If you live in a large city, you might be asking why there are too many electricians in Sydney to choose from, for instance. While in a small town you’ll be looking further for the best option. Narrow down the best professionals for your particular project and get quotes for your home.

5. What’s the timeframe?

Home projects easily can spiral out of control, going from a small problem to a complex repair. Your final question should be about the timeframe of this particular project. If possible, have the repair expert include this timeframe in the contact so you have a way to reference your initial agreement. Understand that some projects do become more complicated and it’s hard to control these things. However, some agreement is necessary to begin confidently.


Choosing the right professional for your home repair or improvement is an important decision. You want to make sure your home is in good hands, and that’s why you need to ask the right questions. If you ask the 5 questions above, you’ll be confident you’re making the right choice in hiring your repairman!

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