5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Pursuing Dental Assistant Career

There are several career opportunities for a dental assistant, which is why more and more people are deciding on pursuing this path. However, being a dental assistant is definitely not for everyone because of the knowledge and skills that you need to build in order to become successful in this field. Thus, before pursuing a dental assistant career, here are some questions that you need to ponder about.

What are my career goals?

In considering a career as a dental assistant, the first thing that you need to ponder about is your career goals. This is because in order to be successful in this field, your career goals need to be aligned with what is expected of a dental assistant. Dental assistants need to be approachable, especially when it comes to dealing with patients, such as children with special needs or the elderly. In parallel, they also need to be able to effectively handle and manage day-to-day challenges that may arise during their workday. If an opportunity for personal growth is one of your career goals, then becoming a dental assistant may be suitable for you.

What are the main tasks of a dental assistant?

The next thing you need to ask yourself should be about the main tasks required of a dental assistant to be able to effectively evaluate yourself whether it is a career worth pursuing. More often than not, dental assistants need to accomplish administrative tasks, as well as offer patient and treatment support. Apart from this, dental assistants get to work with a wide variety of patients on a daily basis.

What training do I need to complete to become a dental assistant?

To become a dental assistant, there are certain training and certifications that you need to complete. A website that is dedicated to assisting you in terms of the training you need to accomplish is Here, they estimate that an individual has the capability to complete the training anywhere from nine months to a year and that accelerated training programs are also available.

What job opportunities are available for a dental assistant?

Dental assistants can work in dental offices or dental schools, as well as private and government clinics and hospitals. They also have the opportunity to be employed in state and local public health departments. Thus, it is very apparent that there are several job opportunities available for a dental assistant.

How much can I earn as a dental assistant?

As a dental assistant, you can earn as much as $20 in an hour, or roughly $40,000 annually, not including the other benefits or additional compensation. Nevertheless, how much you can be paid will greatly depend on your location or years of experience among other factors.

To wrap things up, a dental assistant career is definitely an excellent career path to pursue. However, it can be deemed that this is not a career that is meant for everyone because of certain knowledge and skills necessary. Thus, it is important to ask yourself those questions above to be able to assess if a career as a dental assistant is perfect for you.

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