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5 Quirky Materials to use Around the Home

The world of interior design is only constrained by the limits of your imagination and we now have access to more materials than ever. For some of us a traditional home just doesn’t cut it and many are seeking different ways to stand out from the crowd for a more creative living space.

Below we have put together five quirky materials that you can use around the home that are guaranteed to wow your guests.

Plastic – make a button bouquet

If you like flowers but are becoming increasingly tired of buying a new bunch every two or three weeks, consider a button bouquet. These are a great alternative to bring some floral decoration into your home.  Although they may take some time to make, they are truly unique and can form a lovely keepsake that can be handed down for generations to come. Many people use them at weddings too.

Follow this guide on making button bouquets.

Acrylic plastic splashback

This is an easy to fit and affordable material that is perfect for changing the look of your kitchen. Acrylic splashbacks are used to cover the walls by replacing the tiles and protecting the wall from food, water, and general grease marks. They come in different effects and styles to suit your kitchen. Some places might also offer you a frosted finish which is becoming increasingly popular. 

Velvet bedding

Is your Zip Link Bed looking a little basic and plain? Why not jazz it up with some velvet bedding and a nice throw. With soft textures, this style will give your bedroom an instant luxurious and modern look that just boasts elegance. You can get velvet bedding in a range of different colours to suit your room.


Cork is back. It can be used as furniture, on the walls or on the floor in many different finishes and shades. Taking us back to the 1970s, cork is natural yet, highly sustainable material. It is being used by more and more manufacturers as they hope to become more eco-friendly.

Bringing warmth to your walls, cork leaves a bronze and shimmering effect, almost as if the sun is shining from behind it. If you have a home office, you could turn one of your walls into a full-wall pinboard. This way you can keep track of your cards, flyers and loose bits of paper.


This is a lightweight, semi-sheer woven fabric, with a number of uses around the home, making it well worth buying. It goes without saying that voile works well as window dressing instead of using curtains; a thin and elegant material, it looks great flickering in the breeze.

Buying furniture, decor and accessories for your home can be costly and we all know how quickly trends come and go. But, with these quirky materials and designs, your house will get its own distinct character. Embrace your own style and enjoy it.

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