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5 Reasons Homeowners Choose To install Skylights

Are you currently renovating or considering home renovations in the future? If so you may have looked into installing skylights. But are skylights worth the investment? Below are 5 benefits many homeowners enjoy after taking the plunge and adding skylights to their homes.

1 – Natural Light
Having light-filled rooms is a top priority for many homeowners and installing skylights is an excellent way of making this happen. As homes are now built closer together than ever before this often means they are built with fewer windows and doors in order to maintain privacy. Unfortunately this often negatively affects the amount of natural light that enters our homes. The great thing about installing skylights is that you can greatly increase natural lighting without compromising on privacy. If you want a light-flooded room yet worry about harmful UV rays entering your space then fear not. Many skylights feature glass that blocks UV rays.

2 – Energy Efficiency
As skylights greatly increase the amount of natural light that enters a space they, in turn, reduce the demand for artificial lighting. Although you’ll still need to install artificial light sources to your rooms you’ll find you need to use artificial lighting much less often. This will dramatically reduce your energy consumption and could, therefore, save you so much money over the years. In our current economic climate, anything that helps us to become more eco-friendly and sustainable is always a good idea and if we can save money whilst doing so it’s a win-win situation.

3 – Ventilation
The majority of skylights have the ability to open and close which help with increasing airflow and air circulation. Hot air rises and due to the location of skylights, they will help to expel this warm air on hotter days. Skylights are often installed in attic rooms to allow fresh air into the space when installing regular windows is not an option. Skylights that are able to open and close are also good options for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. This is because they can then be used to let steam or unwanted odours out of the room without the need of using an exhaust fan.

4 – Make Your Rooms Feel Larger
If you’re wanting to make the rooms in your home feel larger and more open then skylights are often the way to go. Even the smallest box room could feel much larger when flooded with natural light from a skylight. If your rooms feel stuffy and slightly claustrophobic adding one or more skylights will really help open up the area and create the illusion of more space. Adding mirrors or other reflective surfaces such as glazed tiles and high-gloss paints close to skylights will further reflect natural light and therefore make spaces appear even larger.

5 – Increases Your Homes Value
Last but by no means least installing skylights will greatly increase your homes resale value. A home that features skylights could also sell much quicker than a property without skylights. This is because having a home with lots of natural lighting is an important feature that many potential buyers look for. What’s more, potential buyers are now also attracted to homes that are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, and, as listed in point 2, this one of the standout benefits of having skylights.
Hopefully, the above points will help make your decision about installing skylights easier and well informed. As well as the points listed above, skylights can also be beneficial to your homes interior design scheme as well as boosting your mood due to being surrounded by natural light.

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