5 Reasons To Consider Adopting A Pet

If you know anything about adopting an animal, you know that rescue pets are among the most loving pets you could adopt. When you have pet insurance that provides vet bill relief, there is no need to worry about vet bills.

If there is one thing we know, it is that pet stores should never sell puppies. However, there are two types of puppies found in pet stores: typical “for sale” puppies and puppies in pet store windows used to adopt canines and pups into their forever home, generally partnered with rescue agencies.

Adding a furbaby to your family comes with commitment and responsibility, but it is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Here we have only five of the many reasons why you should adopt a family pet.

You Are Saving A Life

Around 7.6 million companion animals are taken into shelters nationwide every year. Unfortunately, animal shelters cannot care for all of these animals, and roughly 50% are euthanized.

When more people adopt pets instead of buying them, the number of euthanized animals is drastically reduced. Adopting a dog or cat saves an affectionate animal by incorporating them into your family and opens up shelter space for another animal in need.

Unconditional Love

The most apparent benefit is unconditional love and friendship. The lucky pet you’ve chosen to give a forever home will always express gratitude to you with heaps of affection.

Be prepared for an unlimited supply of cuddling and kisses! They’ll never forget when you met their eyes and decided to give them a second opportunity to love a family. With your furry pal, life will never be boring.

Improve Your Mental Health

Having a furbaby comes with real joys and improved mental health. Canine buddies activate neural pathways comparable to the parent-baby attachment, reducing loneliness and depression.

Researchers have started recognizing the therapeutic value of having furry friends, especially dogs. A cheery dog or cat can promote and support your overall mental health, such as depression, loneliness, stress, and anxiety. Simply petting or cuddling your pet can help to lower blood pressure and stress.

It Is Not As Expensive

Generally, the adoption fee includes sterilization and first vaccinations, which can save you many upfront costs when adopting a pet. Adopting a young pet is rewarding, but if you don’t have the time to train your new family member, adopting an older pet might be for you.

Many rescue pets are already housebroken and can recognize simple commands and manners. If you choose to adopt from an animal shelter or rescue program, you will have an advantage in the training department, especially with older pets.

You Are Supporting A Non-Profit Organization

Non-profit animal shelters are needed in every community. Adopting a pet from an animal shelter is a way to support the work done by a non-profit organization that has put in a lot of effort and time to care for these animals.

Adopting your new best friend has few to no downsides when considering all these benefits. You get to give your furbaby the loving home that they deserve.





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