5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit an Orthodontist

Most people visit orthodontists to get a straighter smile. While they take pride in making smiles beautiful, there are several other reasons people need to see an orthodontist. Orthodontists are specialists that are responsible for diagnosing, preventing, and treating dental and facial irregularities. Though people would consider orthodontists and dentists the same, the specialization is what sets an orthodontist apart. It means that there are a few dental and gum problems that only an orthodontist can treat. In this article below, I have listed down a few most common orthodontic issues and why you need to visit an orthodontist for them. Therefore, if you are interested, give this article a read.

1.      Prevent Gum Disease

When it comes to dental issues in adults and kids, gum disease is the most common among them. Periodontitis is a gum infection that can seriously damage soft tissue. If left untreated, it can destroy the bone that backs your teeth. In the worst cases, it can cause teeth to loosen and even tooth loss. It is important to know that such infections are caused by poor oral hygiene. Orthodontist, Dr. Normand Bach will help prevent such gum diseases by examining teeth, detecting the issue, and designing a personalized oral care program.

2.      Teeth Straightening

When we greet someone, a smile is the first thing we notice. It is something that can positively affect our confidence and overall personality. Therefore, one of the major reasons people see an orthodontist is to get their teeth straightened and improve their appearance. There is no denying that having crooked teeth can affect one’s confidence and self-esteem. On the contrary, straight teeth help them have a more healthy and attractive smile. In addition to this, straight teeth will allow you to keep your teeth and gums clean to improve your overall oral health. The procedure of straightening the teeth is often a quick and easy fix.

3.      Overcrowded Teeth

Crowding is another most common dental issue where the teeth are crammed together because of not enough space. As a result, it causes your teeth to overlap and makes brushing and flossing difficult, leading to long-term dental and gum problems. However, fixing the problem can help improve the appearance of your smile. In this regard, an orthodontist can help. He will address this issue by removing teeth or two and putting on braces. Correcting your teeth can also prevent cavities, as plaque will not hide where a toothbrush cannot reach.

4.      Teeth Spacing

If your teeth are irregularly spaced and creating a gab, treatment can be an answer. Spacing may occur due to missing teeth and teeth that are small compared to the rest. An orthodontist can help you reclaim your smile. There are quite a few benefits of closing the wide gaps. If you have a gap between your teeth, food particles can get stuck and collect on your gums. It will lead to bad breath, cavities, and other gum and dental issues. However, if you close these gaps after the treatment, you can make sure none of these issues will occur in the first place. After the treatment, you will get a beautiful smile and certify your oral health.

5.      Align Jaw

When people visit a dentist to align bad bites, they suggest seeing an orthodontist. A bad bite can be defined as how upper and lower teeth come together. The problem occurs when teeth do not meet properly or do not meet at all. Because of a bad bite, several dental issues such as wearing down the jaw muscles or the tooth enamel can occur. Therefore, it is necessary to address the problem and go for a bite correction treatment.



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