5 Reasons Why Your Family Should Begin a Regular Games Night

Are you thinking of incorporating a regular games night for your family?

Well, there is nothing as beautiful as bonding with your family. It’s no secret that family is one of the most important things. Whether it’s spending time together, playing video games, or watching TV, we all need some form of common ground. You can make that common ground a games night.

Besides being a bonding session for your family, it also brings a fun family culture, even for the kids. Here are five more reasons why your family should begin a regular games night.

  1. Better Memory

All the exciting and crazy hijinks of the games night can aid your memory. All the strategies and puzzles you learn through this could help you in your future studies. A great place to start is with Scrabble, a word game in which you have to make words out of random letters arranged on a board. It is one of the easiest ways to improve your memory while having some fun at the same time.

You can also let everyone in the family suggest funny family feud topics to discuss and play during the games night.

  1. Better Mood and Stress Management

Studies have shown that playing board games like Trivial Pursuit and Clue can help alleviate stress, especially among women. As parents, you should know how important it is to take care of your kids’ stress levels.

However, it is very easy to forget your stress levels once parenthood sets it. With a family game night, you get to manage your stress without staying far from your loved ones.

  1. Better Brain Function

Aside from improving memory and stress management, playing games prevents cognitive decline. Playing multiple games at once is said to help keep your brain active and also prevent dementia.

If you want your family group’s brains to remain healthy, you should encourage them to play board games. It is a good idea for a family game night.

  1. Establishing a Family Tradition

If you are lucky enough to have a family group that enjoys playing board games together and has a penchant for competitive games, you can consider starting a family tradition. By teaching your children the basics of playing chess, backgammon, and checkers as they grow up, they can learn how to play these games in adulthood.

This ensures that they will enjoy long-term bonding experiences with your family group through playing board games and keeping with the tradition of the family games night. They might carry it on to their families someday as an excellent family tradition.

  1. Family bonding time

If you want your family group to bond over a game for hours on end (in case of bad weather conditions), you can get yourself an awesome game like Monopoly. Besides being fun, it also enhances that bond between siblings and parents.

Once you have mastered that, you can now invite your neighbors and kids to play with you.


A family games night is pure fun and bliss for the entire family. If there is one thing that you can solve all problems and even get you through the night if a child has a bad dream, it would be the fun of playing board games with the whole family.

Besides being great fun, it also helps maintain friendships and builds communication skills among your family members.



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