5 Signs You’re Ready to Spread Your Wings and Travel

Some people spend their whole lives traveling, both for pleasure and for business. Others never leave the area where they grew up. If you have yet to explore the wonders of the world, here are a few great reasons why it’s time to apply for a passport and book a flight somewhere exotic.

You’re Daydreaming About Faraway Places

If you find your mind wandering to white sand beaches in the tropics or cobblestone streets in Europe during work meetings or your daily commute, it’s a sign that you’re craving new adventures and scenery. Let your imagination be your guide. The places that keep popping up in your daydreams are likely calling you to explore them. Make a list of everywhere that intrigues you so you can start planning your next trip.

You Have Major Wanderlust

Wanderlust is a desire to travel and explore the world. If you have an intense urge to get up and go somewhere new, it means you’re ready to spread your wings and fly. You may feel restless, bored or uninspired by your daily routine and surroundings. Satisfy your inner wanderlust by picking a destination, packing your bags and charting a course for your next journey. Starting to plan the details will help feed that travel bug.

You’re Inspired by Travel Quotes and Stories

When quotes like “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” or tales of other people’s adventures get you fired up and planning your own, it’s a clear sign you’re eager to see the world. If blog posts by travelers, epic Instagram photos or recommendations from friends get you excitedly making a bucket list, your heart and mind are telling you it’s time to go.

You’re Saving Up for a Big Trip

Setting up a designated travel fund that you consistently contribute to shows you’re serious about making your wanderlust dreams a reality. Consistently putting money aside rather than spending it on small things demonstrates your commitment to spreading your wings soon. Keep stashing cash into your getaway account until you have enough to pay for an upcoming trip. The destination you end up choosing will be that much sweeter because you worked hard to save for it.

You’re Willing to Go Solo

If you find yourself willing and eager to travel on your own, it means you’re confident enough to handle new situations and adventures without a companion. Traveling solo allows you to be flexible, meet new people, focus inward, and prove to yourself that you can spread your wings into unfamiliar territory. Consider starting with a shorter domestic excursion before planning a bigger international solo trip. Wherever you end up, traveling alone is hugely rewarding.

Apply for a Passport

While travel within the borders of your home country is still fun, it’s far better to set your sights further afield. If your current passport has expired, Canada passport renewal online is easy. Get a new passport and start planning the trip you always wanted to take.

Make 2024 the year you stepped outside of your comfort zone and traveled the world. Are you ready?



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