5 Strategies to Spend Less Money at Home

There are many ways that you can save energy at home, and doing so can help you save a lot of money over the course of a year. It is especially important to understand how to wisely conserve your energy usage during months where the temperature fluctuates. Fortunately, by changing simple behaviors that you do around the house every day, you will notice a dramatic decrease in overall costs.

Use Cold Water to Wash Clothing

Your washing machine is one of the biggest costs associated with your electric bill. Unfortunately, a misconception exists that the temperature of the water you use to wash your clothes impacts the cleanliness of your clothing the most. In fact, it is actually the type of detergent and soap that you use. Using hot water can cause an unnecessary drain in energy and increase your costs.

Instead, you should use cold water to wash your clothes, as heating up water utilizes energy much more. With the current line of efficient washing machines and cold water detergents available, your clothes will be just clean as if you were to use hot water. The only difference is the savings that you will enjoy. Therefore, changing water temperature is one of many simple strategies you can use to save on energy prices.

Install Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats have the advantage of automatically adjusting the temperature of your home depending on a schedule that is predetermined. For example, you won’t need to set the thermostat very high during the summer months, or when we are away from the house. Therefore, a well programmed thermostat will help you adjust temperatures as needed. This way, the house can conserve energy and won’t have to worry about heating it when it’s unnecessary.

In fact, you can save up to 20% on your heating bill by switching to this kind of thermostat. Adjusting our thermostat manually is something that we may often forget to do, so having one of an automated variety is something that can be advantageous in saving you money and costs.

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans is something else that can help you save a lot of money on your electric bill. Most homes already come equipped with ceiling fans to start, and taking advantage of them is something that will end up conserving energy usage.

During the winter months, the ceiling fan should be run on low speed and in a clockwise direction. Doing this will help create an updraft that will flow the warmer air down. Whereas in the summer, you will want to run the ceiling fan counter-clockwise. This will blow the air in a downward direction and cool the room. Instead of having to rely on heaters or air conditioners to keep you warm or cool as needed, you can simply use the ceiling fans above you which can give you similar results.

Turn Off The Lights

Sometimes, after a long day of work, we will want to simply go to our bed and sleep the worries away. However, this can also mean we bypass the lights that we are not using and leaving them on overnight. Maybe your parents told you this from when you were young, but it still rings true today. Whenever lights aren’t being actively used, you should turn them off.

Having the lights on in rooms that are not occupied or used often can cause your electric bill to be unnecessarily higher than usual. This is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way that you can save energy and money simultaneously.

Use Space Heaters

Many will want to use a heater to warm their house for the entirety of winter. Instead, you should consider portable space heaters instead. You will be able to save money and energy on rooms that aren’t being used. If you are not in it, or are not planning to occupy the room soon, there’s no reason to worry about it being warm. Simply carry a portable heater with you wherever you go.

As you can see, there are many ways for you to save money and energy in your home. Follow these tips, and you will see a change in how much you are paying.

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