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5 Therapeutic Benefits of the Spa

Going to the spa is a rare luxury that allows us to relax, unwind and focus on taking care of ourselves.  While many people reserve spa days for special occasions only, it can be beneficial to treat yourself to spa treatments more frequently.  If you could use a spa day, here are 5 therapeutic benefits to look forward to!

Stress Relief

Stress relief is one of the biggest benefits of going to the spa.  Whether you’re getting a massage, a facial, or another kind of spa treatment, you can’t help but feel relaxed in such a serene environment.  Going to the spa allows you to turn off your phone and truly disconnect from the world, at least during the time you’re there!

Makes You Feel Happy

Spa treatments like massages and facials can help boost serotonin levels and make you feel happy, which is another reason these spa treatments are so popular.  When we feel calm and relaxed, “happy hormones” are released, causing us to feel more energetic and upbeat. Going to the spa can bring out these positive feelings, which can be especially beneficial if you are commonly stressed and anxious.

Health Benefits

In addition to massages and facials, many spas offer a number of health-related amenities as well.  Destination spas are the most popular for this reason, and a stay at one of these facilities would be centered around focusing on both your inner and outer health.  For example, a spiritual retreat in Queensland would typically include healthy meals, group exercise classes, meditation sessions, and other good-for-you activities.


Self-care is something that we hear a lot about but often don’t practice enough.  Going to the spa allows you to fully focus on yourself and get back in tune with your body, which is something that we can sometimes put on the back burner.  When you’re at the spa, you’re able to let go of life’s everyday stresses and just focus on yourself. Many spa treatments can also be practiced at home, so you can continue pampering yourself even after you leave the spa.

Helps You Detox

Depending on the type of treatment, going to the spa can help you detox and flush out toxins from your body.  A massage, for example, can help stimulate the lymphatic system and get rid of toxins. A lymphatic drainage massage can provide relief for a number of issues, including pain relief, allergies, headache and even digestive problems.  In fact, lymphatic drainage massages are so effective that they are commonly used to reduce swelling and flush out byproducts of anesthesia following cosmetic procedures!

While most of us probably can’t afford to go to the spa every week, there are tons of benefits of incorporating spa treatments into your regular routine.  Whether it’s a massage, a skin treatment or simply a hot bath, you will instantly feel more relaxed after showing yourself some TLC!

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