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5 Things You Should Know About Your Dog’s Behavior

Animals and human beings have different ways of expressing their emotions, wants and needs. While we may not speak the same language, it’s possible to communicate and understand each other. Animals communicate more like infants. They cry, bite and switch their active levels.

Dogs have various reasons why they act in certain ways. By understanding these behaviors, you can take suitable steps to address the situation. This article will focus on common dog behaviors you should know about.

  1. Biting

Dogs may bite for various reasons such as aggression, fear and anxiety. Most of the time, they may nip since this is how they communicate with each other, especially between puppies and their parents. This may be while playing or training.

However, the problem may develop into more serious and dangerous dog behavior in the future. Therefore, it’s important to identify the main reason why your dog bites. If you can’t do it on your own, seek a professional veterinarian or a trainer to identify the root cause.

  1. Digging

Dogs dig a lot and for many reasons as well. For example, to track down animals, to escape, to hide something valuable or to search for a cool surface. You may also find your dog digging in search of a cozy spot to sleep.

This behavior is normal, but if it becomes a bother or turns destructive, consider calling a professional trainer who can eliminate this problem.

  1. Circling

Tail-chasing is a common game among dogs and cats. While this may seem fun to us and to them, it could be a deep-seated problem which needs attention. For instance, ear infections can cause circling.

Other reasons could be idiopathic vestibular syndrome common in older dogs. In addition, a brain tumor or food poisoning can also cause circling. Identifying these complicated matters may be out of your knowledge, but a vet can so make sure to schedule a checkup.

  1. Eating Poop 

Did you know that eating poop is a normal dog behavior? Disgusting right? Well, maybe to you, but this how mothers tend to their pups. While cleaning them, mothers may ingest feces. As a result, the young ones may imitate this behavior.

Another reason may be due to fear or pure curiosity. Dogs have a strong sense of smell. They may pick up a certain scent in the poop and eat the poop to taste this new scent.

Besides this, your dog may eat poop due to certain nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, it’s vital to feed your dog with a balanced diet to eliminate this a reason why your dog may eat its poop. You can check out the best dog food according to an article at

  1. Scooting 

You may have noticed your dog dragging himself by his bottom on the floor. Scooting is the name given to this behavior and it’s an indication a certain irritation in or around the anus may be the cause. The anal sacs are major victims and this requires special attention.

If the sacs aren’t the problem, then it’s time to check for other reasons. Some include allergies such as itchy ears. What’s more, if your dog eats grass, then a strand of grass may get trapped in the anus causing an irritation which results in scooting to eliminate the problem.

Bottom Line 

Now you know which behaviors you should look out for in your dog. If they experience such behaviors listed in this article or any other abnormal behavior, schedule a vet visit to eliminate any health issues. Animals, dogs, in particular, are playful creatures. If their active goes down, then your dog may be in need of help.

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