5 Things Your Home Disaster Bag Should Have

Your home is the place you get to relax and unwind at the end of the workday. But not every day is paradise when a natural disaster or emergency comes.

When your home experiences a fire, flood, or another emergency, experienced companies like IDC Fire and Water Restoration can immediately mitigate damage and return your property back to its original state.

In the meantime, you should always keep an emergency bag at your property to reduce stress and be prepared for anything. It will hold everything you need to survive and protect yourself and your belongings in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Here are five items you should keep in your emergency kit!

#1 Flashlights and Batteries

The most common home anomaly is the power outage. A power outage will render all your carefully selected household appliances completely useless.

This is why flashlights and batteries are so important. Losing power can often accompany a large storm, a flood, or even a heatwave. A flashlight will help you to make your way to safety or find essentials while in complete darkness.

Remember to stock up on batteries too so that you don’t have to conserve what little power you have.

#2 First Aid Kit and Medical Extras

When you’re in crisis, you might not have time to run to the closest store. Keep first aid basics like antibacterial rinse, anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medications, and allergy relief pills on hand.

Also consider your daily medication. In a crisis, you may be cut off from stores, roads, and deliveries. This could mean that you can’t keep refilling necessary prescriptions. If you take daily medication for an ongoing illness, consider keeping extra doses in your emergency kit just in case.

#3 Hand-Crank Radio

Hearing the news will help you to understand the crisis state in your area. It can also alert you to help centers, open hospital locations, recommendations for where to take shelter, and more.

A hand-crank radio is powered by the kinetic energy of the hand crank, rather than a power outlet or batteries. This means that it never, that’s right, never runs out of power.

If you’re an avid camper or hiker, a hand crank radio can be great to bring with you on the trail in case you encounter a problem. In your at-home disaster kit, it can end up being your only lifeline to the outside world in the event of a crisis.

#4 Dry Foods

No emergency kit is complete without dry foods like granola bars. When a disaster keeps you stuck inside for multiple days on end, your food supplies will start to diminish. Keeping some granola bars ready can mean that you have enough food to keep you full and functioning for extra days. Remember to change your snacks out often so they’re edible if the time comes.

#5 A Little Comfort

The biggest thing to remember in an emergency is that stress can quickly cloud your judgement and take an immense physical toll on your wellbeing.

Be sure to include some comfort items in your kit that will be fun to open and enjoy while you are waiting out a difficult situation like a hurricane or flooding. Some examples include:

  • A fun group game or a simple deck of cards
  • A photo album
  • A special toy or stuffed animal if you have children in your family

The Bottom Line

It’s not fun to think about the possibility of a major disaster this it gives you the only real power we have over it: preparation. Include some of these suggestions in your emergency preparedness kit to be ready for anything.

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