5 Tips to Ensure Your Long Haul Flight Is Smooth and Comfortable

After taking off, there’s no way out until that plane lands. It doesn’t matter what’s going on around you, crying children, noisy passengers, the perpetual drone of the plane’s engine, there’s no way to avoid any of it while you’re in the sky. This might not be so bad on a shorter journey, but say you’re travelling from the UK to Australia, which you very well could be if you enter this competition from bingo site tombola, it could prove a lot more difficult to deal with the tribulations of flight.

However, although being stuck on an aeroplane for 12+ hours will never be an ideal scenario, there are a plethora of methods you can use to maximise your comfort. So, to help you out on your next long-haul flight, we’ve put together a list of these methods so that you can prepare yourself appropriately for your upcoming journeys.

Get the best seat

If you pick a bad seat, you’re stuck there for the entirety of your journey, so it’s definitely worth thinking about what the optimum position will be for you before you make your choice. If you want extra leg room, then make sure to get an aisle, but don’t put yourself too close to the front of the plane or you’ll never experience the benefits due to the queues of people that will form waiting to use the toilet. If it’s noise that you want to avoid, then choose a seat near the back of the plane, as typically younger children are sat towards the front. In summary, just be sure consider the consequences of sitting in a certain seat before you choose it, or you could make a potentially flight ruining mistake.

Wear comfortable clothing

Whilst we’re not saying that you should opt for sweatpants every time you fly, we think you should at least choose something that you’re comfortable in, whatever that may be. However, one of the most important considerations when it comes to your flight outfit is footwear. A lot of people think an open toed pair of sandals will be the best choice, but be aware that in the event of a crisis they could end up being more of a hindrance than a help. Therefore, we recommend closed-toe, comfortable trainers that are easy to slip on and off, along with some compression socks to aid the avoidance of pain and swelling.

Bring some entertainment

Whilst there will likely be a mass of inflight movies and tv shows for you to choose from, there’s no guarantee that these will be good, and even if they are, watching them in that environment surrounded by a whole host of distractions isn’t always the most enjoyable experience. For this reason, we suggest bringing your own entertainment, along with a good pair of noise cancelling headphones so that you can immerse yourself in something that you enjoy whilst you’re in flight.

Sleeping aids are your friend

Sleeping while flying is one of the most effective ways to kill time, and it will actually be beneficial to you once you’ve landed. However, the aeroplane can be one of the most difficult places to get some quality rest. To remedy this, we recommend using some sleeping aids such as melatonin.

Top tip: Be wary when using sleeping aids, as you may not react to them the way you expect to. Test any that you plan on using before you go to ensure that they have the intended effect

Stay Hydrated

Drinking a lot may have you going backwards and forwards to the toilet, but staying hydrated is crucial to keeping yourself feeling fresh on a long flight. It may be tempting to reach for an alcoholic beverage, especially on some flights where they’re free, but it’d be best to keep those to a minimum, regardless of how tempting it may be.

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