5 Tips for Cleaning Your Ears

Earwax is good for your ears, as it protects your ear canal from dust and debris that may find their way into your ears. However, you don’t need too much earwax sitting in your ears since it can cause some issues. The general rule is to clean your ears every few days. Here are a few tips for cleaning your ears safely and effectively.

1.    Visit an audiologist

Your first stopover should be your hearing doctor when it comes to ear cleaning. An audiologist  from HearCanada will advise on the best treatment for your ear and use the correct medical tools to remove earwax without damaging the sensitive nerves of your eardrum. The most commonly utilized tool is a vacuum, which is used to suck large pieces of earwax out of your ears and loosen any that could have been lodged within.

2.    Use hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most effective ways to remove excess and stubborn earwax from your ear canal. Use a dropper to place a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide (equal parts) into your ear while lying on one side. After about 1-2 minutes, sit up and let the solution drain into a washcloth held near your ear.

3.    Soften earwax with oil

Ear wax is an oil-like substance, so some oils, such as olive oil or mineral oil, can soften it when the two substances come into contact. If the oil is distilled, slightly warm it and pour it into a dropper bottle. Tilt your head to the side and put some drops of oil into your ear. Always test the temperature before running the oil in your ear to ensure it’s at a comfortable temperature.

Keep your head tilted to the side for about five minutes, and use a paper towel to remove any excess oil in your outer ear. If you want to clean both ears at once, use cotton balls to prevent the oil from flowing out.

4.    Use warm water

Earwax is soluble in water; thus, warm water can loosen it up. You can use warm water to clean your ear in the shower. Tip your head to one side and run warm water in your ear canal. Tilt to the other side to let the water flow out. Don’t get too close to the shower head to prevent water from spraying into your ear.

5.    Try saline solution

You can make your own saline solution to try to soften the earwax in your ears. Mix a tablespoon of salt with a half cup of warm water and stir thoroughly to dissolve the salt before putting the mixture in your ear. Wet a cotton ball with the solution, tilt your head on one side, and squeeze the ball until the solution drips into your ear. Maintain the same posture for around five minutes and then lean to the other side to drain.


Ears are an essential part of the body, so you should always ensure they stay healthy by keeping them clean. Remember that being overly aggressive with wax removal from your ears can sometimes cause ear infections or problems with your hearing. Be sure to consult your audiologist before cleaning your ears to avoid causing any damage to your ears.



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