5 Tips for Dating a Musician

You and your romantic partner likely agree on the essential things like monogamy, children versus no children, and spending habits.

While the two of you work well together, your personal and career goals and interests may not completely align. And that’s okay!

If you are dating a musician for the first time, the music world and industry may seem overwhelming.

However, you still need to support your partner, as music is a big part of their life.

Here, we will provide you with five tips you can follow if you are dating a musician.

1) Don’t Be a Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono Lennon, the wife of John Lennon, is infamous for causing the Beatles to break up. While the exact reasons for the Beatles’ disintegration remain unknown, don’t be this person to your partner’s music career.

Don’t make them feel guilty for attending band practices or shows, especially if you know about these kinds of obligations in advance.

While you should always be at his gigs in support when you can, don’t take their attention away from putting on a good show.

2) Be Part of the Networking Scene

You’ll quickly learn that networking is a significant part of succeeding in the music industry. Your partner will need to attend parties, other artists’ shows, and charity events.

Be willing to go to these events with them and help leave a lasting impression on the people they meet.

Helping your partner foster beneficial relationships with other people in the industry will benefit their music career down the line.

3) Share Their Work & Offer Feedback

While you should always make time to listen to music, being a passive supporter isn’t enough. Elevate your support by sharing their music any way you can. Tell your friends and family about it and promote it across various platforms.

When they ask for it, you can offer your feedback and constructive criticism. Don’t ever offer unsolicited comments, as it can create a rift in your relationship.

4) Display Genuine Interest

It’s possible that you’re currently dating a musician but have never touched an instrument in your life. If this is the case, try to display genuine interest in the craft.

Have your partner teach you a few chords on the piano or guitar. Even if you don’t want to learn an entire instrument, this kind of initiative will show that you admire and respect what they do.

A musician can also benefit from having a listening ear around. They will appreciate having someone to bounce ideas off of and share their musical passions.

For example, if your drummer partner always talks about the best snare drums, make an effort to learn about their differences.

Keep your newfound knowledge in mind for Christmas or birthday gifts so that you can further contribute to their career.

5) Don’t Neglect Your Needs

While you should be enthusiastic about your partner’s music career, you need to find a healthy balance. Don’t let their interests and career overshadow what you enjoy doing and what you want to accomplish. Make time for your needs and ensure that your partner supports you.

If you find a large gap between their support of you and your support of them, have an open conversation about it. Communicate what you need.

Musicians put a lot of time and effort into what they do. They need everyone’s support, including romantic partners, to stay motivated and put out new work. Follow these five tips to navigate dating a musician and keep your relationship strong.

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