5 Tips For Perfecting Your Quarantine Friendly Workout Routine

Remember the beginning of quarantine, when we were all learning how to bake bread, making cute videos of ourselves trying out new at-home activities, and catching up on all the TV we wanted to watch?

Now, it is March 135th, and we are all a little stir-crazy wondering where the summer went. Just because we are not yet back to normal, however, doesn’t mean you can’t pick up another new hobby or start perfecting your at-home workout to avoid the wintertime blues.

Colder months are just around the corner; but a workout routine you love will help keep you warm, glowing inside and out. We’ve got some solutions for an at-home workout routine that will get you feeling motivated to give your couch a break from all those Netflix marathons.

1. Get Your Sleep/Wake Cycles Straightened Out

If you had to move your workspace from an office to your home, you may still be having trouble establishing a routine for yourself. Many people are struggling to get their sleep and wake time normalized, and there are several factors contributing to the problem.

A change in the amount of physical activity you regularly get is one of the main culprits of an imbalanced circadian rhythm, so having a workout routine in place will help you establish a more consistent cycle.

Adding some CBD to your routine may also balance out your sleep/wake cycle, by supporting a return to homeostasis for all the systems in your body. CBD gummies for pain also help prevent tossing and turning that may accompany a new workout routine.

2. Set a Schedule to Keep Yourself on Track

For many, willpower is running low right now. You have to regulate yourself in every other way, and the struggle to work and sleep on a regular schedule is hard enough. However, when you stick to a regular schedule for your activities, you gain a sense of normalcy during these roller-coaster times.

Keeping a schedule in your workout routine will help you stick to your commitment to yourself. Stay persistent, and it will quickly become automatic behavior. Use a calendar to visualize your routine, and make sure you are specific about what you will do each day to get fit.

3. A Schedule is Not Synonymous With Monotonous

Just because you know you are going to do cardio on Mondays and Fridays, and weight training on Wednesdays and Saturdays, doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing every time. There are plenty of ways you can switch things up, challenge yourself, and keep it interesting.

Try finding at-home workout suggestions online. There are even websites that offer quarantine-ready workouts with a tongue-in-cheek or a serious approach, depending on what you need at any given moment. YouTube is another great place to find some workouts designed to do at home with improvised equipment, or even no equipment at all.

4. Don’t Try to Do it All by Yourself

Social distancing doesn’t actually refer to your social existence. It is merely the physical distance you should maintain in order to keep yourself and those around you safe. We are social creatures, and we are generally more motivated to do things that involve other people even if in a small way.

You could do a Zoom workout with a buddy a couple of times a week, meet up for a distanced hike, or just agree to check in and keep each other accountable. Take advantage of this time to get emotionally closer to your friends and family despite your physical distance, by supporting each other in your endeavors to get fit and feel your best.

5. Reward Yourself

Okay so here is the deal. You are likely going through one of the most challenging times that you have ever faced. Most of us are. Don’t be hard on yourself when you aren’t successful at everything you want to do right on the first try.

As a matter of fact, give yourself a pat on the back and order yourself some flowers just for getting this far into an article that gives you yet another list of things to do. You’re a rockstar!

Find ways to congratulate yourself for every step you take toward getting healthier than you were yesterday. Drink some water and give yourself a gold star. Do some pushups and give yourself a facial. Go for a run and give yourself some special you time. Whatever makes you feel good, keep doing it, because you deserve it!

Final Thoughts

Normalcy may seem a long way off, and it will likely never again look the way it did before the pandemic started. But we are slowly finding the new normal, and those of us who do our best to stay healthy will benefit greatly. It will help us feel better during this time at home, boost our immune systems, and smooth our transition back into a more public existence.

Building a routine will give you a foundation to get fit, but be patient with yourself. Reward yourself often, and know that you are doing a brilliant, stellar job no matter what!

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