5 Tips On How to Make a Marriage Work

The initial “honeymoon” stage in any serious relationship is not designed to be permanent, sooner or later, it becomes clear that cohabiting with another individual necessitates a unique skill set. Many partnerships begin to unravel seven years post-marriage, largely because our society fails to educate us on nurturing and fortifying our emotional connections. The following five concepts are geared to ensure your love endures a lifetime.

Build Trust

A marriage devoid of trust is undeniably on the brink of collapse. Trust serves as a protective barrier for a couple, and each time it’s damaged, rebuilding it becomes increasingly challenging. Given its critical role, it’s imperative to safeguard it and never underestimate its importance. Even if only a sliver of faith remains between two spouses, they can start fortifying it immediately.

While infidelity is an obvious destroyer of trust, it isn’t the sole cause of suspicion in a relationship. Badmouthing one’s partner to family and friends can be equally damaging. When couples cannot share certain thoughts or emotions with each other, it indicates a fragile trust. This trepidation must be addressed delicately between partners to uncover the underlying problem.

Prioritize Intimacy

“Intimacy” goes beyond just physical interactions in the bedroom. It encompasses feelings of closeness, unity, and fondness. Different couples may need varying degrees of intimacy to maintain satisfaction in their marriage, hence it’s crucial that they consider their partner’s emotional requirements and endeavor to meet them as effectively as possible. If one partner craves regular affection while the other is content with occasional displays, they should initiate a dialogue about what affection means to them, and find a mutual ground.

It’s a beautiful feeling to know that your spouse cherishes your company. Couples should prioritize spending quality time together. This could involve simple activities like watching a movie at home, cooking a meal together, or scheduling routine date nights. Make these moments together hallowed and consistent. This approach prevents couples from crimes such as sex offenses and provides temporary respite from daily life pressures.

Forgive Each Other

At some point, your significant other might do something that causes you pain, frustration, or annoyance, and you might also end up doing the same. There may be instances where these actions are intentional due to disagreements or misunderstandings.

Forgiving can be complex yet crucial in a marriage, given that no one is infallible. It’s vital to give your partner space to err, as you too will have your moments of slip-ups. When you falter, apologize promptly and address the issues at hand. This practice fosters a culture of forgiveness and fortifies your marital bond.


If you are facing an issue, share it with your partner. Often, difficulties in marriage stem from a lack of communication. For instance, you may be bothered by your husband’s irregular shower habits. While this might seem trivial to others, it could affect your closeness in the long run. Over time, this minor issue can create a significant rift in your relationship that could have been easily fixed through straightforward communication.


Everyone has shortcomings, often laid bare in relationships faster than anywhere else. Recognizing that you’re not flawless, that errors are inevitable, and that forgiveness is necessary, is a fundamental element of a successful marriage. A superior attitude towards your partner can cause resentment and hinder your relationship’s advancement.

If humility is something you find challenging, take a pencil and swiftly note down three things at which your partner excels compared to you. This simple activity should help maintain your humility. Repeat this as frequently as needed.


Don’t forget to maintain dedication towards your spouse, your family, and the life you’ve crafted together. Provide emotional and daily support for each other. As time passes, you, your spouse, and your relationship may evolve, but keeping these concepts in mind can contribute to the long-term success of your marriage.



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