5 Tips to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect This Summer

The new school year is coming to an end. Now that COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted and face-to-face classes are happening all over the country, your children will be away from family in order to deal with regular routines that don’t involve Zoom calls and close parental supervision.

With that in mind, let’s find ways to safeguard your young ones from neglect and child abuse as they end the school year once more.

1. Determining If Abuse is Even Happening

It’s difficult to determine if a child is being harmed by abusive parents or parental figures as well as neglected altogether. Sometimes it could be happening right under our noses as closest of kin, family members, or neighbors.

Most Good Samaritans won’t automatically call the police, criminal defense lawyers Orlando, or childcare social workers unless they’re absolutely sure abuse is happening because they also don’t want to needlessly interfere with another family’s business.

2. Watching Out for Symptoms of Neglect

In order to weigh in on whether it’s worth investigating a child or not for abuse, you need to see the signs of neglect happening. You can ask the child if he’s being abused as a concerned citizen or neighbor, for one thing. Or you can take note of the following:

  • The child lacks hygiene and is malnourished.
  • The child has inexplicable marks, welts, or bruises.
  • If you know the child, they might change significantly behavior-wise.
  • They might become more fearful, withdrawn, or silent.
  • Any glimpse of the home might show unsanitary conditions or various safety hazards.

3. Schools Provide Some Semblance of Support for Children

Child neglect can rise during the summer because the neglected child could be getting support and resources by the school they’re attending that they’re not getting from their parents, parental figures, guardians, or caretakers at home.

You should also deal with neglect on a state-by-state basis. For example, look up Orlando laws on what constitutes child neglect. After all, if you live in Virginia, there aren’t any laws that dictate when or for how long a child could be left alone before it is considered neglect.

4. Contact Child Neglect Attorneys for Assistance

If you suspect that your child or someone else’s child is undergoing neglect or is away from the supervision of their parents, closest kin, or guardians, you should hire a lawyer for child neglect post-haste to sort things out.

You can also call social workers in charge of child services of any wayward children or out-of-school youths who might end up becoming juvenile delinquents if they’re not looked after or supervised by school support systems or daily family activities.

5. Call Child Protective Services

There’s a 24-hour abuse hotline for Child Protective Services in Orlando. Just dial 800-962-2873. They’ll answer your questions regarding child abuse, neglect, and abandonment allegations. The Florida Abuse Hotlines is there to take care of all sorts and forms of domestic abuse.

The CPS offers guidance, advice, and assistance as well as referrals to support services. You can also give your name confidentially to the hotline staff or remain anonymous. Go with whatever option seems most comfortable or safest to you.

You can also avail of things like a Parent Support Hotline that serves as a crash course for caregivers and parents on how to take care of children or what services they can acquire to assist if they’re unable to look after their kids.

Also Take Note

Also take note that you can contact community members and social workers in order to assist families in need of help when it comes to supporting children. Child abuse should be avoided because they can impact a child’s growing years significantly, traumatizing him or her for life.

Child neglect isn’t something that necessarily roots from malice. It could be certain circumstances that have pushed a child to get neglected by parents or guardians as well as the nearest next of kin.






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