5 Warning Signs of Financial Infidelity You Need To Be Aware Of

To most people, the mention of infidelity brings to mind having a romantic affair with another person while in a committed relationship, such as a marriage. But there are other forms of infidelity in relationships that could be just as bad such as financial infidelity. 

Financial cheating can take many forms, including hiding cash and making unnecessary purchases without the other party’s approval. If you are suspicious of your partner’s financial infidelity, it is best to do your investigations before confronting them. 

Here are red flags you need to be aware of.

  • Special Delivery Instructions or Intercepting Delivery Drivers

Online shopping has become more prevalent in recent years. You only need to check out an item on the internet, compare prices, and buy and wait to get the product at your doorstep. 

Unfortunately, this convenience opens doors for infidelity because people can control where they want their product delivered. 

A typical example is when you and your partner order something from a particular store online and enter your home as the drop-off point. Afterward, your partner intercepts the delivery driver or changes the delivery address without your knowledge. 

That may signify that they made a purchase that wasn’t part of your agreement, and they do not want you to know about it. According to a recent financial infidelity report, 58.2 percent of partners purchase items without their partner’s approval.

  • Change of Attitude or Demeanor Towards Money Related Topics

When people have nothing to hide, they will be comfortable around the money topic, especially if both partners have common financial goals. But interests change, and one party can fail to do their part. 

In such situations, they can change their demeanor about money topics. For example, they may intentionally avoid topics or questions about money, disagree with their partner about their views on finances, and fail to honor their part of the deal. 

If you notice these signs, you likely have a case of financial infidelity.

  • Unusual Bank Withdrawals

Checking your bank statements from time to time is always a good idea. First, it helps you establish if you are staying within your spending limit and that your accounts have not had any unauthorized access. 

Sometimes a partner doesn’t have to explain or seek permission for every expenditure. A good example is when they are buying household provisions, paying rent, and other recurrent homestead expenditures. 

However, suppose your bank statements show expenditures that are out of the ordinary. In that case, it is either you have a case of stolen identity, or an authorized person is doing some unauthorized spending.

  • Guarding the Mailbox

Anyone can pick up your mail from the mailbox. But if you notice you haven’t found mail in the mailbox for some time but always get your mail in the house, someone has probably been beating you to the mailbox on purpose. 

Some banks and credit card companies still send statements via mail. If your partner is afraid of what their statement will reveal, they will always want to get to the mailbox first.

  • Lots of New Things

You can treat yourself to nice things from time to time. After all, you are working hard to make that money. However, if you have financial goals, you may need to forego some luxuries. 

But some partners can resist the allure of nice things even when they’re laid out spending limits. If you notice your partner with an expensive bracelet, fancy earrings, shoes, electronic gadgets, or suits with unexplainable sources, they could be overspending behind your back. 


Financial infidelity is just as bad as romantic infidelity, if not worse. It ruins relationships and can leave you stripped of all your life savings. If you notice any red flags mentioned in this post, take immediate action. 

The best approach is to confront your partner and discuss their newfound behavior. But if they are unwilling to change, walking away from that relationship with what you have is a better idea or risk losing everything. 



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