5 Ways Gadgets Can Make Your Next Camping Trip Better

There are two types of campers out there: those who want the most natural experience possible and those who want the most comfortable experience possible.

Those who identify with the former don’t need much to make this possible—just a sleeping bag, fire kindling, water, and snacks. However, those who prefer the latter will need to rely on their supplies and gadgets to elevate the camping experience and make it a truly comfortable and enjoyable one.

Before you pack up for your next camping trip, consider how adding a few gadgets might enhance your experience:

1. Maximize Your Electricity

Electricity is few and far between when camping. While some campgrounds will provide electrical outlets at each site, other times, you have to rely on the electricity from your car, which can be limiting due to the number of USB and cigar plugs.

To maximize your electricity, look for adapters that provide twin sockets like those on Moonraker for double the charging power at the same time.

2. Never Have Cold Hands Again

Cold hands and feet while camping can make for a miserable experience. While products such as traditional hand warmers can last a little while, they inevitably run out of heat at some point, and you’ll need to find ways to keep your hands warm.

Novel technologies such as rechargeable hand warmers can take that out of the equation and provide enough heat for a long and cold camping trip.

3. Make Power Portable

When camping, you might be spending your time on bike rides, hikes, or daily adventures that will take you away from your campsite. Use portable chargers to bring power with you wherever you go, so you don’t have to go without the tech you rely on, like your phone or tablet.

4. Clean Water Wherever You Are

Having access to clean water is crucial when camping. While most managed campgrounds provide some access to clean drinking water, there are certain situations when you may need to clean your own water.

Luckily, tons of gadgets and tools are available that can filter and clean water to make it drinkable, no matter where you are.

5. Solar Powered Jams

There’s nothing better than listening to great music outside and under a sky full of stars or even cooking dinner over a campfire with your favorite song playing in the background. Still, speakers can use a lot of battery power that you might not have to spare.

Instead, find a solar-powered speaker system that can charge up during the day so that it can go all night long.

Camping Just Got Better

For some people, camping is about getting as close to nature as possible. For others, it’s about experiencing nature in a comfortable and fun way. If you prefer to bring some of the comforts of home along on your camping trips, these gadgets can go a long way in turning a camping trip from “roughing it” status to near “glamping” status.



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