5 Ways to Be More Physically Active Every Day

Most people are well aware of the fact that staying physically active isn’t just good for the body, but also the mind. Making sure you are physically active each and every day is a great goal to set for yourself, but sometimes it doesn’t feel very realistic or possible.

So, before you decide that adding physical activity into your daily routine just isn’t doable, or doesn’t sound very fun, we’ve come up with five tips that will help you weave it in. There’s no need to make big sacrifices to your lifestyle and give up huge chunks of time; sometimes, it’s all about how you use your time and what you classify as exercise that makes a difference.

Combine Physical Activity with Chores

Did you know that each time you do manual labor chores around the house, it is in fact exercise? Such chores as vacuuming, mopping, cleaning windows, gardening, and mowing the lawn are all great physical activities. What’s so convenient about this tip is that you accomplish two things at once – you complete the chore and you get your physical activity in for the day. Just be sure to aim for at least 30 minutes of continuous activity.

Join a Fun Class that Encourages Activity

Although there are plenty of exercises classes you can take, these don’t appeal to everyone. For many people they are confusing, overwhelming, not unique enough, and just not fun to take part in. So, rather than cross exercise classes off the list, why not get creative in the classes you are looking at? A great example is dance classes. There are all kinds of different styles of dance you can learn, and they can act as a full body workout. Swimming lessons are another fabulous way to get a workout in, while learning a new activity or advancing your current comfort and skill level. Looking for something a bit more low key that still counts as activity? Pilates and Yoga can be great options for those wanting a low-impact class.

Get Into Hiking and Exploring with Family

Why not expand your knowledge of your town or city and start exploring by foot? Hiking and just plain walking can give you a whole other perspective of the town you live in. Your local parks may have some fabulous trails, and if not, you can always walk through various neighborhoods to find some hidden gems.

Hiking is also low key enough that you can do it with family or friends and carry on a conversation at the same time. That means you’re getting a social and physical outing in one.

Learn a New Sport

Learning a new sport is also a fun and engaging way to get active. What’s even more convenient is the fact that you can learn various sports at home provided you have the right equipment and ample space.

Baseball is the great American pastime and one of the most classic sports to learn. Investing in your own batting cage, which take up less space than you would think, will help you to feel a bit more professional as you learn and add a whole new level of fun.

Enlist a Workout Buddy

The final tip has to do with accountability. When you are only accountable to yourself, it’s easy to put off that workout or activity until the next day. However, if you enlist a workout buddy, you are suddenly accountable to another person. This can be the motivation you need to keep up with your goal of being active each day.

By employing these tips, you’ll find that becoming more physically active doesn’t have to be a chore.

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  1. Thank you, that’s helpful. My activity has decreased a lot since the quarantine started, and the extra weight has been gaining too fast. And now I’m worried about getting back to at least the same shape I had a year ago.

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