5 Ways Video Chat Has Changed The Online Dating Landscape

Since the pandemic happened, people had to limit their face-to-face interactions and practice proper social distancing. Moreover, for months, people had to stay within the comfort and safety of their homes, reducing the chances of meeting people and socializing.

While online dating has been existing pre-pandemic, it became even more prevalent today, as people begin to crave connections and social interactions. With a single swipe on your phone, you can get to meet and talk to various people. And given the fact that video chat had become widely used for work and classes, utilizing it for online dating was also possible.

That said, here are some ways video chat has changed the online dating landscape.

  1. No More Guessing Games

The video chat feature of some online dating apps has made it easier for users to know and verify the people they’re talking to. It can give them the assurance that who they’re interacting with is the same person as shown on their dating profile. In addition, it offers the comfort of having to skip the hassle of guessing whether it’s a real person or not.

What’s more convenient is that there are apps that have a user verification method like CooMeet to ensure that there are no fake profiles or bots that may get in the way of a real human connection. It helps provide a safe space to get to see and be seen by your potential partner.

  1. Easy Filtering

On some days, dating may feel like screening through different auditionees for the best one that fits that leading role. When they said, ‘there are many fishes in the sea’ they weren’t exaggerating because there really is a lot. That said, swiping left and right endlessly can be exhausting at times.

However, through instant video chats, you’re able to talk to the person with just one tap. Then, you can easily decide if you would want to give it a go or you’d move on. It’s a simple feature several dating apps offer to help you find your match faster.

Furthermore, dating apps also provide filters to connect you with people with the same interests or hobbies. This can make dating easier and enjoyable as it saves you the time of endlessly jumping from one person to another trying to find out if it would click.

  1. Deeper Connection

Seeing someone in real-time, even virtually, can help create a deeper connection as compared to exchanging messages through chats. You can talk for hours about things that you find interesting. You can ask whatever question that comes to mind and have it answered promptly. It’s very spontaneous and can feel more authentic.

You can search social media and learn about love stories that all started in dating apps. This is proof that if used with honest intentions, online dating can lead to something that lasts. Through constant communication, you can create a deeper and meaningful connection, which is a strong foundation of every healthy relationship.

Moreover, through video chat, you’ll feel more in the moment whenever you talk to that special someone. Since you can see each other’s genuine reactions, you’ll feel each other’s presence despite being deprived of physical touch.

  1. Creates Safe And Intimate Space

Video chatting is like welcoming a new person into your personal space. Especially if you’re the shy type who tends to get nervous on first dates and meet-ups, an online one could be more relaxing and enjoyable for you.

With a little bit of improvisation, online dating can be more romantic than those in fancy restaurants. You’ll feel more at ease to open up and be yourself in the comfort of your room. You can set up your room by lighting up some candles to add some warmth and coziness to the air.

Plus, online dating also allows you to see a glimpse of your special someone’s space. This can be a good way to get to know them better and in a more personal way.

  1. Limitless Options

Online dating gives you the opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world. They can be within your vicinity or from the other side of the world, which adds to the thrill. And with the advancement of technology, video chat enables you to bridge physical boundaries and travel through different time zones.

With the new normal of dating, the possibilities of finding ‘the one’ are almost limitless. The only thing you need to start the search is an honest dating profile, with a little dash of self-confidence.


Video chat has helped make the experience of online dating more interesting and genuine. It has opened new ways of creating meaningful conversations and connections that can either flourish into a romantic relationship or serve as a learning experience.



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