6 Advantages of Buying a CatGenie Self-Washing Litter Box for Your Pet

CatGenie is the most magical innovation and the ultimate solution for cat owners to better manage the litter disposal system. The modern-day design is well-suited to meet the cat’s litter needs and deliver automatic features to ease the life of cat owners. It means that you wouldn’t have to touch or scoop cat litter. Isn’t it great? If you are looking for a detailed review on CatGenie, then click on https://catworld.co/cat-genie-reviews/  for more information.

Here I’m going to discuss a few benefits of installing a CatGenie litter box:

#1: Offer Ultimate Cleanliness

CatGenie has to offer the ultimate cleanliness. It comes with self-flushing, self-washing, and self-cleaning features. Cat owners don’t have to handle litter boxes in an old-fashioned manner anymore. You can automatically handle the CatGenie because the litter goes straight into the toilet or swage. After your cat is done, you would only have to flush the toilet. It is a self-contained system.

#2: No Clogging

You don’t have to worry about clogging as the CatGenie can conveniently turn the solid waste into liquefied mush. As a result, everything will smoothly move through the drains into the sewage. There is no chance that solid particles will clog up the pipes.

#3: Self-Maintenance

As you have heard earlier, CatGenie works well to clean and sanitizes itself. This means that there is no manual work to do for the cat owners. Confidently invest in an automatic litter box as you don’t need to expect any additional maintenance. Besides, the washable granules are thoroughly cleaned. You just have to top them every four to six months.

#4: Better Monitoring

You may be glad to know that CatGenie comes with a handy app that you can install in your smartphone or tab to monitor a litter box and your cat’s activities. With the CatGenie app, you can easily monitor when and how often your cat has visited the litter box. Moreover, it provides regular updates so that you can realize when it’s time to clean the whole thing. You can also set timers for automatic cleaning in case you don’t like manual checkups in a day.

#5: Easy Installation

The installation process for CatGenie is no rocket science to understand. You can easily install the whole setup in no time. You wouldn’t even require professional assistance to install a CatGenie. You can fit this automatic litter box in less than 15 minutes. However, you may have to consider a few things beforehand, like access space for the unit, access to an electrical outlet, access to water supply, and access to a suitable drainage area. Once you have got a clear head on these factors, you can easily install the system.

#6: Cost-Effective

Many cat owners believe that automatic litter boxes are more expensive as compared to traditional ones. But, what they don’t understand is that these modern CatGenie solutions have to offer higher value in terms of additional features, excellent setup, recyclable sanitation, no odor, and programmed maintenance. If you are looking to save money, then you can invest in a basic version, which ideally serves core needs. CatGenie is a more affordable solution as compared to Litter-Robot.

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