6 Reasons Your Business Should Use Proxy Servers

The actual ways of how the internet works are not something most people stop to consider. If you are like most people and haven’t really thought about proxy servers and their functions before, you have come to the right place. The average person thinks that proxy servers are mainly used to access blocked websites or content, yet there’s so much more to proxy servers than that.

But first, what is a proxy server?

A proxy server acts as a gateway between you and the internet. Now, advanced proxies can do more than just send the request to the internet or access blocked content. You can use the proxy to access servers and other resources given the fact that it’s completely hidden.

That’s why we compiled six vital reasons why every business and corporate should start using proxies:

Bandwidth savings and improved speeds

Proxy servers can cache (save a local copy) of the websites which are used regularly, which means that these websites are stored offline. This makes it easier to access them when the need arises.

Enhanced Security

One of the things that can cause major financial losses to your company and affect its public image is a data breach. By using proxies, you will be able to reduce the chances of a breach as they add an additional layer of security between your servers and outside traffic. Although a proxy server does not fully guarantees you will be protected from hackers, it makes your network more secure and makes it harder for them to access your server and confidential data.

Content filtering/ blocking

You don’t want to leave your employees easily accessing restricted websites. By using a proxy server, you can limit the number of websites that your employees have access to as well as block certain pages. This type of filtering is usually done to restrict access to websites with different categories such as streaming websites, adult content (pornography), or gaming websites.

Balance website traffic

One of the factors that could turn away a customer is your company’s website going down when accessed. By using proxy servers, it is possible to avoid this because they store the information in your website across many servers in the cloud. Therefore, this helps avoid crashes and provides a seamless customer experience.

Provides privacy

Proxies are probably best known for their ability to make web traffic anonymous. Proxy servers will help ensure that the company’s activities are secured over the internet. This way, a spy will not be able to track sensitive talks, confidential research, and development activities, or any sort of valuable information.

Access restricted content

Proxy servers can be used to access restricted or blocked websites. Some websites, restrict access based on your geographical location or other specifications, but your IP address will not be used while surfing the internet when using proxies, therefore you will be able to access any website.

With those advantages, your company could reap so many benefits if you start using a proxy server. Don’t fall into thinking that you can save your cash by not purchasing a proxy server, as the use of proxy servers can provide varying levels of functionality, security, and privacy; thereby their use is becoming essential for all businesses and companies.

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