6 Surprising Ways Smoking Affects Your Looks

You already know that smoking has the potential to ruin your internal organs, including the heart and lungs, but do you know the extent to which the habit is ruining your looks? Your visage may have once been a thing of envy among your peers, but there’s a good chance the smoking habit has discolored your teeth, thinned your hair, and done other damage to your skin. Smoking is harmful no matter how often you partake in it, and that’s because cigarettes are loaded with harsh chemicals, toxins, carcinogens, and even poisons.

Light up your average cigarette, and you’re likely to find formaldehyde, cyanide, and maybe even some uranium in it. Repeated applications of certain fertilizers can actually cause a build-up of uranium over time, which makes its way into your tobacco leaves. You’re inhaling the contents of a nuclear reactor, which might be why your skin doesn’t look so healthy anymore.

Here are six surprising ways smoking affects your looks.

1. Discolored/Weak Teeth

All of those nasty chemicals are passing through your mouth every time you light up, and causing extensive damage to your teeth and gums. In fact, the damage can be so severe as to weaken the enamel of your teeth. Teeth will fall out, break easier, and be more susceptible to cavities and tartar build-up.

Not to mention, smoking can give your teeth a sickly brownish-yellow tint. Where once there were pearly whites, you’re now seeing the effects of tar, nicotine, and thousands of other toxic chemicals staining your teeth permanently. Everyone loves a white smile, but you’re only destroying yours by smoking or chewing tobacco.

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2. Discoloration of Skin Around The Mouth

The tar in cigarettes is largely responsible for discoloration, but nicotine plays a role in it, too. You’ve probably noticed your skin tone starting to change around your mouth and probably everywhere else. This is because smoking actually constricts blood vessels under the skin. This means the skin gets more restricted blood flow, and, therefore, fewer nutrients and less oxygen.

That means you’re going to have unhealthy skin, which lacks the beautiful sheen it once bore so proudly.

3. Age Lines and Excess Wrinkles

While the nicotine and tar are hard at work destroying your skin tone, the 6,998 other chemicals in your cigarette are advancing the aging process by increasing the wrinkles around your mouth, nose, and eyes. This occurs for the same reason that discoloration does: a lack of oxygen and nutrients makes the skin less healthy, and cigarette smoke also breaks down collagen and elastin.

These two structures are responsible for helping skin stay supple and firm. When they break down, things begin to fall out of place.

4. Sagging Skin On The Face, Arms, And Breasts

If you’ve smoked long enough, you’ve probably seen even greater effects of damaged collagen and elastin in the skin. Sagging skin around the arms, face, and breasts is a common side-effect of heavy smoking. Those harsh chemicals wreak havoc on your blood vessels and your heart, and break down important structures in the skin.

The unfortunate thing about skin damage from smoking is that you don’t usually notice it until it’s already too late to change it. There’s not much you can do about wrinkles or sagging skin, short of having plastic surgery.

5. Thin, Damaged Hair

Oh, yes. Smoking definitely damages hair, sometimes to the point of hair loss. Remember that structure called collagen that’s found in your skin? It’s also found in hair, so while you’re losing it in your skin, you’re also losing it on your scalp. Your hair becomes devoid of natural oils and dries out, becoming weaker as fewer nutrients reach it from restricted blood flow.

There are a lot of blood vessels running through the scalp because your hair needs a lot of nutrients and oxygen to stay healthy. Restricting these vessels can only lead to poor hair health and potential hair loss. Yes—smoking may eventually cause you to go bald. Ready to quit now?

6. Stained Fingers

Have you noticed that your fingers seem to be retaining a sickly brownish-yellow color as well? This is because the tar and nicotine in your cigarettes are slowly staining your skin over time. There’s really no way to undo the staining, other than quitting smoking for good. You don’t want to have yellowish-brown skin on your fingertips!

Time To Quit

As if lung cancer and heart disease weren’t enough, smoking also attacks the way you look. It can cause you to look much older than you are, and may even cause skin cancer and hair loss. Are you noticing a pattern here? Smoking literally offers no benefits, and only serves to destroy your personal health. There’s never been a better time to quit, so why wait? The clock is ticking, and your hair and teeth might not last much longer.

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