6 Ways to Take Care of Your Runners’ Feet

As a runner, you will be well aware of how important it is to take care of your feet. After all, they are what allow you to run, to follow your passion and to excel in your field. You do not want those blisters you gain from running marathons to last for too long as you may have another run scheduled soon after. Have you ever developed a blood blister from a race or lost a toenail due to aggressive training for a marathon? When the summer sun shines and people adorn slippers to show off their cute feet, do you still choose to hide your runners’ feet in sneakers? If you answered in the affirmative, do not worry. Clearly, you have realised the significance of foot healthcare and are taking steps to correct your possible feet related problems.

The good news is that you are in the right place! Here are a few ways you can take care of your feet:

Get a half size bigger

You are a smart cookie and probably know not to fall for the latest technological sneaker fad that big brands try to promote through strong persuasive advertising. What you truly need is pure comfort! Factor in how long you want those shoes to last you and how much running mileage you wish to get out of them. The average recommendation is to change your running shoes after every five hundred miles. Remember that if you have procured a brand new pair of running shoes, you will want to wear them around the day before a big race so as to break them in. If your running shoes are too tight, they will prevent proper circulation around your feet and cause problems. On the other hand, if your shoes are too loose, you may be in danger of getting blisters. Hence, it is critical that you wear a size that is customised just for you. The general rule to be followed in this aspect is to go for half a size bigger than your own. This way, you are protected! If you are a bit unsure of what to look for, refer to an experienced podiatry clinic in New Jersey.

Choose the right socks for yourself

Okay, you have managed to sort out an amazing pair of running trainers that you absolutely adore! What’s next?

The answer is to select the right pair of socks for your athletic feet. Try to go for a pair of socks that are lightweight and stitched from water resistant fabric. These will wick away any moisture and will be breathable enough to prevent any friction that causes those annoying blisters.

When you do step out to choose your dream socks, take your running shoes along with you and try them on with it. It is a great thing that the socks will definitely be cheaper than those incredible training shoes!

When you find the perfect brand, fit and fabric: grab as many as you can!

Speaking of socks and their essence, it is important to avoid wearing old, worn out socks whilst running. If your socks are made out of cotton, get wet or do not fit you well, they can cause blisters as well. It is time to let those ones go!

Trim your toenails frequently

This is not about aesthetics but about functionality for your training!

Imagine you are out on a practice run, one with nature and completely in your zone, dreaming of the next big trophy you’re going to get your hands on – when ouch! Your toenail hits the front of your shoe as it is too long.

Not a pleasant picture, is it?

The lesson being : cut your toenails regularly as part of your foot healthcare!

Defeat those pesky blisters

Part of being an athlete or a runner is to know how to take care of those annoying blisters in an efficient, time-friendly manner. After all, you are probably on a strict training timeline and cannot stray away from it- even the slightest!

Make sure you know how to dress the blister. It stimulates a controlled healing atmosphere

That also safeguards your skin from exposure to bacteria whilst also alleviating the pain. Here is a little trick to help you get a headstart on the cure: take out some surgical spirit daily and rub your feet to help strengthen them. A friendly warning though: it will hurt but will be well worth it when your feet become less prone to developing these awful blisters.

Stay fungus free!

We truly hope you have never suffered from this agonising infection. It can cause itchiness, blisters and redness all over your feet. How can you protect yourself from it?

Keep your feet dry and fresh as much as possible. Fungus tends to lurk around in wet environments and by ensuring the cleanliness of your feet, you are effectively decreasing the probability of letting it accumulate on your skin.

This is not an easy task: with over a hundred and twenty-five thousand sweat glands on our feet, we produce more than four ounces of sweat a day per foot. Keep an antiperspirant spray on you and change your socks every day. Keeping those toenails short and clean also makes a world of a difference. 

Indulge Yourself

Yes, we know you are on top of strength training, foam rolling and other footcare procedures to maintain your upkeep – but here are a few more things to let you pamper yourself.

After you run and shower, make sure you do not forget to use some lotion to soften your skin’s feet and assuage those cracked heels. A good moisturiser will minimise hard and cracked feet. Throw in some muscle soothing balms and salts for a relaxing treat. Feel free to go an extra step and put on a face mask to save some time and pamper your face along with those beautiful feet of yours.

You work super hard and deserve to treat yourself!

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