7 Flower Arrangements Ideas For Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and everyone has been making romantic plans for their significant others. Flowers are surely in everyone’s lists as it’s one of the most common love languages. If you want to up your game and impress your Valentine, a basic bouquet just won’t do. This year, why not try one of these unique flower arrangement ideas?

  • Potted Orchids

For a truly memorable gift, give your special someone a potted plant. This is perfect if they’re a fan of the houseplant trend that’s taking off right now.

Orchids are a great choice because they symbolize love, luxury, beauty, and strength. Also, potted plants have a longer lifespan than cut flowers, so your gift will last long after Valentine’s is over.

Buying plants nowadays has never been easier. You can even choose online and order a Valentine’s Day plant delivery.

  • Sweet And Sunny Blooms

Sunflowers aren’t typically associated with Valentine’s, but they can surely brighten anyone’s mood regardless of the occasion. As a tip, you can pair them with white moon daisies, which is another type of open-faced flower that complements the sunflower’s hues. 

  • Mixed Long Stem Roses

Roses are the ultimate flower of love, but choosing them may seem unimaginative because that’s what everyone else does. You can still send roses as long as you can make your bouquet stand out. One easy way is to put together red, pink, and white pieces.

Alternatively, you can just stick with one rose color and mix it with other flowers of the same shade. For instance, classic red roses go well with solomios and pincushions.

  • Chrysanthemum Heart Box

Chrysanthemums are often associated with desire and sentimentality, so it’s a great flower to offer your Valentine. You can fashion it into a heart shape along with some dahlias or arrange everything nicely in a pre-made heart-shaped box. This makes for a luxurious-looking gift to accompany chocolates, balloons, and wine.

  • Wreath Of Carnations

If you’re the type to make grand romantic gestures, use carnations to build a wreath or an over-sized bouquet. Carnations have sturdy stems and come in a variety of colors. You can go with a monochromatic palette if you prefer a minimalist design.

Otherwise, you can add other colorful bulbed flowers that are around the size of carnations, such as dahlias and button poms. Just make sure to contrast light-colored flowers with deep-toned ones for a more dramatic effect.

  • Classy Lily

People often go for big, bright bouquets to make an impact. But, sometimes, less is more. Lilies aren’t your usual flashy flower, but their slender appearance gives off hints of elegance and sophistication.

You can choose between calla lily, stargazer lily, and tiger lily, or any combination of the three, as long as the colors complement each other.

  • Preserved Blooms Box

Some people suffer from pollen allergies, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have their share of Valentine fun. You can opt for dried flowers or real-looking silk flowers. Some examples of flowers that are commonly preserved for this purpose are roses, gardenias, and hydrangeas.

There is no limit to what kind of flower you can use and how you want to style them. You can arrange them into a box or vase, or display them in a frame or glass terrarium. Preserved blooms are a great symbol of long-lasting love since they have a general lifespan of 3-10 years.


In addition to hearts, flowers have always been a symbol of Valentine’s day, which is why people associate the act of receiving flowers as an act of love and care. That being said, this Valentine’s, give your special someone flowers that are arranged perfectly for this loving and much-awaited occasion for lovers all over the world.

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