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7 Must-Try Marijuana Strains

There are so many marijuana strains on the market, all of which cater to a diverse range of needs. Whether you’re an avid smoker or a curious beginner, there’s surely a strain that will speak to you.

Each strain has a unique history, aroma, effect, and flavor. Some will induce a more intense high, while others will have a subtler effect. That’s why it’s important to know your options and broaden your knowledge about cannabis.

While you may not be able to try all of them, you should definitely experiment with a few of these must-try strains.

  1. Acapulco Gold 

Acapulco Gold boasts a reputation as one of the world’s best cannabis strains. This Mexican Sativa looks like a chunk of gold and perfumes the room with the scent of roasted toffee.

People love this strain so much because of how stimulating it is. Try Acapulco Gold for a high that makes you feel uplifted and happy.

  1. Tom Ford Pink Kush

This bud contains between 23-25% THC. That ultra-high concentration will send any smoker off to a peaceful sleep.

Users describe the initial feeling as a cerebral high accompanied by heightened motivation. As the high continues to intensify, a wave of relaxation will overwhelm any tension you may be feeling in your body.

While its relaxation-inducing effect is quite powerful, it doesn’t leave you feeling sedated like some strains do. Try the Tom Ford Pink Kush from Green Ace and experience this next-level calming action.

  1. Banana OG

Named after an inherently banana-like smell, this hybrid strain is often called the “creeper”. That’s because its effects tend to creep up on you when you’re not expecting it.

At over 25% THC, this strain is best for promoting feelings of relaxation and euphoria. That’s why this strain is best for easing pain or managing stress.

  1. Dutch Cheese 

Dutch Cheese is a 60/40 Sativa leaning blend that has a notably sour flavor. This cross between Cheese and Euforia strains creates a dynamic cerebral high.

You’ll feel the effects of Dutch Cheese all over your mind and body. The first half of the high is predominated by feelings of euphoria. The Indica high kicks in during the second half and leaves you feeling uber-relaxed.

  1. Blueberry 

Blueberry is an Indica strain that has earned celebrity status as one of the best Indica strains out there. The parent strains of Blueberry are Afghani, Purple Thai, and Thai.

Known for its distinct blueberry flavor, this aromatic strain gives you a feeling of euphoria that lingers for much longer than it would with other strains. Many users seek it out for its high THC content and to manage chronic pain. 

  1. Cinex 

Cinex is a Sativa strain from the parents Cinderella 99 and Vortex. Those parents are already popular on their own, but together they create a beautiful earthy aroma with sweet citrus notes.

What makes Cinex so unique is its uplifting effect. The positivity derived from Cinex will make you feel stimulated and inspired. There’s a reason this strain is a favorite for artists.

  1. Harlequin 

Harlequin is loved by so many because of its 5:2, CBD:THC ratio. This Sativa strain comes from the parents Colombian Gold, Swiss Sativa, and Thai. The effects are mild in comparison to other strains, but pleasant.

The relaxation that comes from this strain is balanced. The high CBD content makes this strain ideal for dealing with pain. Flavors may vary, but most notably, this strain gives off the aroma of beautifully ripe mangoes.

If you’re looking for a steady and calm high that doesn’t launch you to another planet, this strain is a suitable option for you.

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