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7 Simple Ways to Cut Your Cleaning Time

According to a study by the American Cleaning Institute, some Americans spend more than 7 hours doing the cleaning. Well, come to think of it. Seven hours doing cleaning can leave you feeling sick and drained.

Well, with the right tools, being organized, setting your priorities accordingly, hiring cleaning agents, and setting apart a day specifically for cleaning can cut the cleaning time by half.

Let’s get into the details.

Determine What You Need

Before starting any cleaning task, determine what you need to have or use during the cleaning session. That can be the washing detergents, gloves, water, and every other necessary thing.

Knowing what you need before washing time helps to get rid of any unnecessary movement during cleaning. Plus, if anything is not available, you will have time to buy it. Moreover, check us out here for new cleaning tips and hacks.

Choose Your Tools Wisely

Using the right tools when cleaning makes it easy to do the job fast. However, before the cleaning time, ensure that the tools are in good working condition.

Working with a faulty tool slows down your washing time as you spend most of the time repairing or struggling to make the tool effective. Thus, choose your tools wisely.

Clear the Mess Beforehand

Without a doubt, if you have a toddler, you agree that your home, most time looks more of a showroom than a resting place, right? In other words, the floor and the seats are, in most cases, littered with toys and clothes.

Therefore, clear this mess before washing time.

Be Organized

Before you get your hands to the task, determine what should come first. Determine if to start with the kitchen, the laundry, the floor, or the walls. Work in the order that you find appropriate. For instance, if you choose to start with the wall, don’t switch to any other task before cleaning all the walls.

Hire Cleaning Agents

Experts know how to deal with tasks within their profession. As such, if you hire cleaning agents, they will definitely spend much less time cleaning than you would. This happens because they are many and have the right tools as well as skill to do the task. They know how to deal with almost all stains.

Soak the Clothes

Soaking clothes, particularly those that have stains, is an effective way of cutting washing time. Why? Stubborn stains take much time to deal with. Nonetheless, soaking laundry, especially with the right detergents, removes stains from your dirty clothes even before you start washing them.

You can soak clothes for one hour or thirty minutes before washing.

Set a Day

Set a day for doing your cleaning. This helps in ensuring that there are no other tasks to be done on that day until you are through with all the cleaning duties. As a result, you have enough time to do all the necessary cleaning duties.

Thus, since no other tasks are demanding your attention, you will be able to do the cleaning in fast and effectively.

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