7 Things You Didn’t Know About Showering

Imagine coming home after a long day at work, stuck in traffic and smothered by exhaust and dirt. What better way to kick back and relax than with a shower? Other than being a swifter method to clean yourself compared to bathing, showering can help you relax and basically kick back and enjoy the rest of your day.

There are plenty of reasons why more people shower than bathe, and that’s likely because of the many benefits that showering has to offer. Besides, there’s a lot more to showering than you’d think. With your hands on the right facts and the website to match, you’ll realize there’s so much out there to know. Showering is more than just turning the faucet on and closing the curtains!

Here are seven facts that you probably didn’t know about showering.

1.   Why It Puts You in a Pensive Mood

You have probably noticed how you can come up with the best ideas and solutions in the shower, and that’s not just a coincidence. Showering with warm water relaxes your brain, toning down its frequencies to theta brain waves. Your brain is also in a theta state as you’re falling asleep, and as you wake up. Some people can voluntarily go into this state of mind when they meditate.

Theta brain waves allow your brain to function while relaxed, and this is how all your ideas are sparked. It puts you in a state of high and creativity and allows you to think more clearly. This is why it’s always advised to take a warm shower if you’re feeling stressed.

2.   Only Your Toes and Fingers Prune

Your skin tends to prune when you climb out of the pool or step out of the shower. But have you noticed that only your toes and fingers tend to prune? This is because the outer layer of your skin contains protein compounds known as keratin, which tends to absorb water quickly.

The reason why only your fingers and toes prune is that this is where most keratin in your skin is found. Another reason why this tends to happen is that your skin is naturally coated by sebum. When you immerse yourself in water for long, this oily coat is washed off, and your skin begins to act like a sponge.

3.   Women Use Warmer Water

Women tend to tolerate higher temperatures of water in the shower than men and are more likely to increase the temperature of their shower water gradually until it’s steaming hot. There is no scientific evidence of why exactly one gender tends to do this more often than another; however, some studies suggest that female bodies generate less body heat, and can thus tolerate higher temperatures.

4.   It Helps You Sleep Better

Even though most people tend to take a shower in the morning before work, taking a brief warm shower before bed betters the quality of your sleep. This is because it helps put you in a relaxed state, which is similar to how you feel as you lose consciousness. Studies have shown that an individual is more likely to fall asleep in a shorter period of time if they have showered before bed, than if they go straight to sleep.

5.   It Cleans You Better than a Bath

When you fill in your bath and soak yourself in it, the water quickly goes cold. Cold water is less effective in shedding dead skin and cleaning through dirt in your hair. Showers provide you with warm running water with a stable temperature, which is more effective in exfoliating your skin and scalp.

6.   It Makes People Sing Better

Showering itself may not make a professional amateur, but the surroundings of your shower will make you sound better than you usually do. This is because bathrooms provide echo, which adds strength and layers to your voice. You can give this a try by crooning while you shower, and continuing to do so as you walk out of your bathroom. You’ll notice that your voice loses resonance as you leave the echo-filled room.

7.   People Take More Time than They Should

Who isn’t guilty of taking more than they should in the shower? The warmth of the water and the relaxing state it puts you in makes you quite resistant to leaving this state of mind. Individuals tend to spend more time standing underneath the showerhead and immersing themselves in their thoughts than they do actually cleaning themselves. While this may be a waste of water, it’s considered very healthy for your mental wellbeing.

Showering can help you sleep better as it, metaphorically speaking, helps wash off any stress. Taking a brief warm shower before bed has been proven to help better the quality of your sleep, while the pensive mood you get into in the shower can spark some of the most creative ideas and solutions.

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