8 Budget Saving Tips on How to Travel with A Large Family

When travelling with a big family, it can feel overwhelming at times. From experience, I’ve learned tips on how to navigate our vacations. Let me share some valuable insights I’ve gained on travelling with a large family while staying within a budget. These tips have proven effective in making our trips enjoyable, stress-free, and memorable. These suggestions will be helpful for your next family adventure.

  1. Set A Budget

When travelling with my large family, setting a budget and sticking to it has been crucial in keeping our expenses in check. Before embarking on our trip, we establish a realistic budget that covers various aspects of our trip. We keep track of our expenses using apps to enjoy our trip without worrying about overspending. It’s all about balancing, having a memorable experience and being mindful of our financial limitations. Proper planning and disciplined spending allow you to enjoy a fantastic family trip without breaking the bank.

  1. Early Bird Gets the Worm

I always make it a point to plan my trips with my large family well in advance. We have taken advantage of fantastic early bird discounts and secured better deals by starting early and booking our accommodation, flights, and activities. It’s amazing how much money you can save simply by being proactive and planning. Plus, knowing everything is sorted well before our travel dates give us peace of mind.

If you plan to travel with a large family, start booking your flights and accommodations as soon as possible. If you are travelling with children, look for available discounts.

One ace up my sleeve when travelling is by using master care, which doesn’t charge when I travel internationally. They also give me points for spending. It is like paying me to spend my money. This card significantly lifts weight from our budget when we travel.

  1. Travel During Off-Peak Season

One of the best ways to save money is to travel during off-peak seasons. Everything is much more affordable during these times. Flights, accommodations, and even attractions have lower prices, allowing us to stretch our travel budget further. Not only that, but we also get to enjoy the bonus of avoiding large crowds. It’s a win-win situation. I highly recommend it. You’ll not only save money but also have a place for yourselves.

  1. Book Affordable Accommodation

During our past vacations, we spent so much money on hotels; it was nearly three-quarters the cost of the whole trip. Nowadays, I always look for alternative options instead of booking multiple hotel rooms. One great option I’ve found is renting a vacation home or apartment that can comfortably accommodate all of us. Websites like Airbnb or VRBO have been lifesavers, offering various price options. These accommodations often provide more space and amenities than a traditional hotel room and are more cost-effective when split among the family members. It’s a fantastic way to save money without compromising on comfort.

  1. Cook for Yourselves

Nothing brings a family together than a home-cooked meal. A kitchen allows us to prepare some of our meals instead of eating out for every meal, which can quickly add up, especially with a big group. We make it a point to visit local grocery stores or markets and stock up on essential items like breakfast foods, snacks, and easy-to-make meals. Cooking helps us save significant money and allows us to experience local ingredients and flavors.

  1. Look at Affordable Transportation

When I travel with my large family, finding cost-effective transportation is always a priority. One strategy that has worked for us is using public transportation or carpooling instead of renting multiple vehicles. Public transportation, especially in cities, is often more affordable than renting multiple cars. It allows us to explore the destination conveniently while keeping our transportation costs in check. Additionally, carpooling with other families or friends can be a fantastic way to split the fuel costs and save money.

However, I have also discovered another great option that offers even more flexibility and convenience. Shipping our car to the destination eliminates the need for expensive rentals. It gives us the freedom to drive around at our own pace, explore remote areas, and have the flexibility to create our itinerary. We use a reliable car ship car service. The cost savings and convenience benefits are truly worth it.

  1. Research on Affordable Tourist Attractions

Many cities offer museums, parks, and cultural sites with no admission fees or discounted rates. By taking the time to research and plan our itinerary accordingly, we can discover these hidden gems and save a significant amount of money. Not only do these attractions help us stick to our budget, but they also provide unique and enriching experiences for the whole family. I often check tourism websites, local event listings, and travel forums to learn about these affordable or free options. We can enjoy many wonderful activities and sights without breaking the bank.

  1. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

I usually inquire about group discounts when planning trips with my large family. Many places offer reduced rates for larger groups, which can lead to significant savings. Reach out to attractions, tour operators, and transportation providers to see if they have any group discount options available. Sometimes, these discounts may not be advertised openly, so asking and exploring the possibilities is important.

Travelling with a large family doesn’t have to break the bank. Implementing these eight budget-saving tips can make family trips more affordable and enjoyable. Follow these strategies to help you create lasting memories without compromising your financial well-being.



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