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9 Ways to Revamp Your Living Room

Just like our fashion choices, our home decor can turn stale and flat if we let it.

No one wants to come home to the same boring look day in and day out. The thought of redecorating can cause anyone anxiety as we assume it has to be this expensive and elaborate mission.

However, you do not have to do a complete overhaul to modernize your living room as indeed that can be extremely pricey. Below are cost-effective 9 ways that you can revamp your living room without breaking the bank in the process.

  1. Paint, Paint and Paint some more. Painting and changing the color of the walls is an easy way to update your living room. Painting can brighten a room and add pops of color that were not there previously.
  1. Add texture. If you may have a neutral color palette for your color scheme, you can punch it up by adding texture. The texture is generally added by using various fabrics and it can keep your living room interesting with an array of tastes.
  1. Purchase a slipcover. A simple slipcover in a neutral color can save you from breaking the bank and buying new furniture. By purchasing a slipcover you actually give yourself a blank canvas to start over with, and give your favorite couch a makeover!
  1. Update your artwork. Simply swap out your living room’s outdated photographs and paintings with current, modern ones. This trick can instantly change the whole feel of the room. It can make it sleek and modern or light and feminine.
  1. Add an area rug. An area rug will be the ultimate centerpiece for the living room. A generously sized area rug will make your room look more spacious and feel more comfortable. A small hack to decorating with an area rug is to make sure you do not have a too-small area rug in the living room. Having a too small area rug is one of the most common decorating mistakes.
  1. Incorporate chic storage space. Adding storage space will not only add a new piece of affordable furniture, but it will help you contain clutter and create an organization.
  1. Incorporate greenery. Try integrating plenty of lush, green plants into your leaving room. Small trees make an empty and bare corner look instantly chic, while small indoor plant varieties update smaller areas like side tables and consoles.
  1. Add modern lighting. You can update any room by updating the lighting. Changing the lighting has the ability to create a complete mood. You can make a small space appear larger or accentuate a color scheme. You can remove that outdated ceiling fan and install a chandler. If you are on a budget you can try swapping out your existing bulbs with LED versions to brighten your living room. Another simple option to update your living room lighting is trading your old lampshade out for a new one.
  1. Keep it CLEAN. Ultimately, don’t let your home get stuck in a style rut or a dirty one! It can be easy to let the cleaning tasks in your home seam lazy, this could totally kill your newly styled vibe.

Let  show you ways to maintain a living room by keeping it cleaned and organized FOR YOU, it will make you look forward to coming home.

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