Accessories for Wine Glasses – Charms to Bracelets

There has been several different wine glass accessories developed over the past few years. Here is a look at some of the most popular.

Wine charms are great for parties and gatherings. If you are all drinking red wine it can be difficult to know whose glass is whose. The wine glass charms make it easy to know if that is your glass or not. They also add a little bit of creativity and color to the table. They are available in a variety of different styles and you can even make your own if you would like. All you need is some wire and some charms.

Another version of the wine charms are the wine glass bracelets. These are excellent for special occasions. They are very decorative and are bigger than the charms but still wrap around the stem of your glasses. They can be very festive or classy. Wine glass bracelets are great for birthday parties, holidays or weddings.

Glass caddies are great for storing your wine glasses, especially if you are traveling, moving, or going on a picnic. The leather cases have dividers for up to six or eight wine glasses. These are leather and the dividers ensure that your glasses won’t clank or chip. They also have a handy carrying strap and are popular with wine tasting clubs where members carry their own glasses.

Some of the classiest wine bottle and glass totes look like leather sling backpacks. They are light and versatile and you can take them wherever you go and nobody would even know you are carrying a bottle of wine around with you. They hold one or two wine bottles as well as glasses and corkscrew. They are perfect for picnics or taking to dinner parties.

If you need a great way to store your wine glasses, especially if you have quite a few of them, is to invest in a nice wine glass rack. These attach to the wall in your kitchen or dining room and your glasses slide right in. They hang upside down so that they don’t get dusty on the inside of the glasses while they are not in use. There are also sets that have a small matching wine rack, which is great for dinner parties because your wine is right in the room with you.

If you throw a lot of outdoor parties and barbecues but like to have a nice Shiraz with your barbequed meats, you may be interested in the hands free wine glass holder. These are little stakes that go in the ground and hold your glasses in an upright position. These are great for the backyard or the beach. No more spilling glasses while you enjoy a nice wine and good food with great friends and family.

Sparkling glasses are everybody’s goal. A sparkling clean glass means that you will be able to enjoy excellent wine with no contaminates. Reidel makes a micro fiber cleaning cloth that will get your glasses clean and sparkling in no time.

Another great item from Reidel is there wine glass cleaners. These are little balls that are designed to clean your decanters, carafes and wine glasses. The little metallic balls are swirled around in the glass and they magically remove all the residue. When you are done, you simply strain them out and dry them off. They can be used again and again.

Restaurant Crystal Clear is a great glass cleaner that contains no harsh chemicals or contaminants that attach to your glasses. You can wash up to 3200 wine glasses with this one bottle of cleaner. The cleaner is biodegradable and is made from all natural plants and salt.

Don’t have enough hands at the party to make your plate and hold your wine glass? The wine glass neck holder allows you to do both. A wine glass neck holder supports your wine glass so your hands are free and you can make your plate and your children’s plate at a party without losing your glass.

The wine glass drying mat is made of a waffle like material that allows your stemware to stand securely and the water drips out to the container beneath the mat. The mat is made of polypropylene.

Another great option for drying your glasses is the folding stemware rack. The rack unfolds whenever you need to let your stemware air dry and folds up for storage when not in use. This is very handy when you don’t have a lot of counter space in your kitchen.

If you have ever lost a glass to the dishwasher, you will be interested in the StemGrip Dishwasher Wine Glass Rack. This little contraption holds onto your wine glasses so that they do not fall or clank against each other when the washing gets rough in the dishwasher.



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