Activate Your Capacity to Heal

Activate Your Capacity to Heal

3 Secrets to Move Through Trauma into Expanded Living

What would “expanded living”, or living your life fully, look and feel like to you? When I’ve asked that question, I’ve heard answers like these:

“I’d be experiencing more joy and spontaneity, doing more of what I really love to do”

“I would be having lots of love and closeness”

“I’d be sharing my creative or spiritual gifts with others, bringing more beauty and healing into the world”

Statistics show, however that these are fleeting experiences for most people. According to the US Census Bureau’s report from February 2023, 32.3% of all U.S. adults reported symptoms of depressive and/or anxiety disorders. The percentage swung up to 49.9% for young adults 18 – 24. Sadly, many struggle with feelings of their life being broken.

Here are 3 proven secrets to help you release the burden of trauma from your body and mind, and revitalize your life. They are simple, yet extremely powerful.

1. Feel the Field

Quantum Physics has shown us that everything is composed of energy and is inter-connected to everything else. This field of pure energy and consciousness fills the Universe. Doesn’t matter if you call if God, Tao, Christ, Universal Love or the Quantum Field.

In my view trauma, depression and anxiety, at their root, are based in beliefs and feelings of separation from this universal field. Yet the amazing truth is that you can sense this inner radiance within your own body.

All you need to do to feel it is to stop, relax, step back from your thoughts and center within. Allow yourself to feel the tranquil, tingly energy that is your essence. Affirm to yourself that you are always connected to this source of all good, and could never really be separate. Seek out friends or mentors who will support you in this truth.

2. Ground Your Good

Stress is associated with ungrounded energy in your body. Ungrounded energy tends to scatter all over the place, creating chaotic thoughts and feelings.

The Master Hookup is an easy method for grounding yourself. Gently touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, slightly behind your two front upper teeth. Now breathe deeply into your lower belly. It is very difficult to feel anxious or stressed while you are doing that!

3. Embrace Your Essence

Hugs work wonders. Here’s a way to hug hurting parts of yourself, called the Inner Embrace. It is based on the truth taught by Buddha that every thought or emotion you have is connected to a specific part of your body.

Whenever you’re feeling stressed or even mildly traumatized, try to slow down your thoughts and stories about the upset, and instead ask yourself  “in what location in my body am I most feeling this?” Trust where you are guided.

Another strategy is to place the palm of one of your hands over that area. Drop your attention there consciously breathing in and out of it.

Also practice the Master Hookup. While continuing to breathe into this part of your body, gently contract your muscles around it, giving yourself an internal hug. For example, if you feel the hurting part in your lower belly, gently tighten the muscles of your lower belly and lower back at the same time. Decide to send your love into this area. Continue for the inner embrace for a few minutes until you feel more calm and cozy.

These 3 secrets retrain you to rely less on the thoughts of your mind and more on your body when you are starting to feel stressed. By committing to these practices you discover how you can take charge of your inner state of mind. This is self-mastery.

Darren Starwynn is the author of several groundbreaking books, leads workshops and trainings, and invented vibrational medical devices used worldwide. He mentors thousands of healthcare practitioners, healers, meditators and business owners to embody Quantum principles of healing, spirituality and success. Darren’s helps people rapidly release limitations to their full, joyful self-expression. He serves as lead minister of Lightworker Ministry. For powerful healing resources visit




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