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Activities That Will Help Your Health and Make you More Productive

Plenty of people who promise that 2019 will be the healthiest year of their lives gave up on that resolution way too quickly.This could be from a variety of reasons ranging from their goals being unrealistic or their refusal to stop eating fast food for every meal. Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean a complete revamp of your life but rather some minor adjustments that will end up yielding huge results. The excuse of not having time or knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle doesn’t hold up. Many people spend endless hours watching their favorite Netflix series or surfing the web. The knowledge and time are available so consider taking up these activities to help you achieve your resolution’s goal. Since we’re only in the first couple months of the New Year, let’s look at some ways to help your health and make your resolutions last in 2019.

Do Gardening and Lawn Work Solo

There was a time that all lawn work was given to children or teenagers who wanted a boost in their allowance. Taking care of the gardening and lawn work can do a myriad of things for you. Gardening and growing your own fruits and vegetables makes it possible to pick a salad from your garden then serve it later that day (after washing of course). The fact that some lawn work and maintenance like shoveling snow is quite labor intensive contributes to the high number of calories burned from shoveling snow. Raking the leaves in the fall is another activity that helps your lawn look better as well as can get you into great shape. Combine that with the fact kids love playing in the leaves and you have knocked out being a great parent as well!

Complete One of Those 90 Day Challenges

There are plenty of people who have seen one of those 90 day challenges that yield amazing results. Usually these challenges incorporate getting in exercise on a daily basis with some having specific workouts while others just encourage you to stay active. The other portion of these challenges is that of the diet aspect as many people cannot attain the body they want with simply exercise, diet is a huge part of body composition. These will talk about eating clean and not going out to eat at fast food restaurants or eating foods that aren’t in line with the diet. 90 days is a long time to stick something out and it can teach you things about dieting that you might not have known otherwise. Try one of these challenges and you might find out you are going to be living one of these challenges because of how great it made you feel.

Incorporate a Family Workout

Doing some exercise as a family with your significant other and children or teenagers can be a great way to bond. This doesn’t have to be an intense regimen but rather do something fun like play beach volleyball or go for a long bike ride. Replacing an unhealthy activity with something like this can be a huge help to your overall health. This will also teach your children about staying active and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Many times a teenager boy might want to go to the gym with their father or a girl with their mother. It is important to teach them good form and to ask the help of a professional if you do not have the knowledge. Exercising as a family will leave your neighbors calling you the “buff family”.

Take the time and plan out how you are going to achieve your fitness and health goals. It isn’t too late to hit the reset button and attack this year with strategy instead of just winging it. Do the proper research online and find a program that falls in line with your goals and give it 100 percent!

Take Care of your Mental Health

We often get so caught up with our work, our family life and our physical appearance that we overlook one of the most important aspect of our lives…our mental health. Unfortunately, mental ailments often go undiagnosed and untreated. Luckily, there are many resources available to help.

If you feel like you’re in a rut and you just don’t seem to get out of it, there are simple things you can do to change your mood. If the situation worsens, it’s always best to seek professional help immediate. After all, you’ll be the most productive if you’re mentally happy and prepared to challenge the day!

Last, it’s also important to note that your living environment makes a big difference in your mood. Not only is it important to have a sanctuary of your own that makes you feel safe and secure but according to Amazon Cleaning, “Keeping a tidy and clean house lifts your spirits.” There is even psychological research behind cleanliness. According to Psychology today, keeping things clean and organized is good for you, and science can prove it. So next time you clean your home, know that there are mental health benefits to this task.

We hope tips help you in making better decision for you and your families’ physical and mental health and in turn results in a more productive lifestyle.

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