Adopting a Dog From a Shelter

There are many options out there for people who are looking for a pet. There are breeders, pet stores, classified ads and rescue groups, but one of the best ways to find your new pet is by visiting a local shelter.

Shelters are full of dogs and cats that are desperately in need of a home. Many of these wonderful pets will be euthanized if a home is not found. For many of these animals, time is running out.

Many people do not realize that shelters house many purebred dogs and cats. If your local shelter does not have the breed you want, check online for breed specific rescue groups. Most breeds have one. Of, if you can wait, ask the local shelter to call you if the specific pet you want becomes available.

Of course, shelters have many mixed breed dogs available. Mixed breed dogs often have fewer health problems than some purebreds, so if you’re just looking for a great pet and companion, consider adopting a mixed breed.

When you visit the local shelter, walk through and look at the dogs or cats available for adoption. Then, ask if you can spend some time with the animal. Many shelters have a “meet and play” area just for this purpose. By spending a little time interacting with the dog you can get an idea of his personality and energy level.You should bring all members of the family for this visit to see how the dog reacts to each of them. If the dog is a little shy or skittish at first, that is nothing to worry about. Remember, the dog has been in a cage with little human contact, so he might need a little time to get used to you.

If there are other pets in your home, ask the shelter workers if it is possible to bring your pet in, so you can see how they interact with the new dog or cat. Again, don’t be alarmed if it’s not love at first sight. This visit is just to give you an idea of how the two will get along, but they may need more than one visit to get used to each other.

Once you have selected a pet, you will be asked to fill out an adoption form.Depending on the shelter, a home visit may be required. This home visit is not intended to point out what is deficient in your home, but it is to make sure that the yard and fence is sufficient to keep your new pet safe.

Most shelters require an adoption fee, but this is offset by the fact that most shelter dogs and cats have been given all of their shots and are usually spayed or neutered. There is no better way to get a new pet than to adopt a homeless pet from a shelter. When adopting from a shelter, you are doing more than bringing home a new pet. You may very well be saving that animals life.



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