Advantages of Buying Unfinished Furniture

There are numerous advantages of buying unfinished furniture and for many people, these advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Unfinished furniture, naturally allows for a little more personalization, which is usually the biggest reason that people go for it. However, when really looking into it, there are numerous hidden advantages as well.

It’s frustrating to find that perfect piece of furniture. How many times have we stood in the store, splitting the fence between purchasing the piece we are staring at or moving on? After all, it’s the perfect size, the perfect design, with the perfect level of intricacy. However, why did they have to go and stain it so light? Or so dark? Or wouldn’t it be so much better with a cherry stain? Then again, you could always buy it and refinish it, or pay someone to refinish it, right? Because after all it is nearly the perfect piece.

It’s odd how many people will opt for the purchase of a piece and then pay for the expense of having it refinished rather than shop around for a piece of unfinished furniture. The expense alone of buying a finished piece over an unfinished piece is usually more expensive. Add in the cost of a total refurbishing over some sanding and finishing, and you have just purchased a piece of furniture that will cost two to three times what you would have paid for it had you simply bought it bare.

Of course, there is the argument that points out when furniture shopping, you’re not expecting to stumble onto a great find that is unsuitably finished. That happens by accident, since you’re really out there looking for furniture that is already finished and perfectly suited to your tastes. The truth is, most of us buy finished furniture because that’s what we were taught to do. We live in an instantaneous society. We go to the store, we pick out something we like, and then we either bring it home or have it aptly delivered. Naturally, when we choose unfinished furniture, we have a little work of our own to do before we can plunk it where it is going to live in our home.

One of the greatest advantages of buying unfinished furniture is exactly that, the fact that we have a little bit of work to do before we can plunk it in our homes. Stepping back, having the instant reminder every time you look at it that you put a little of yourself in it, and taking the time to craft something completely and uniquely yours is a phenomenal trade off for a few hours of your time and effort. There is something very satisfying in taking the time to honor the process, even if you don’t consider yourself a craftsman, or craftswoman. Anyone can learn the process of finishing. And once you do, you may find that not only are you creating a one of a kind piece for your home, but you’re introducing yourself to an interesting (and sometimes profitable) hobby.

There is also a strong sense of pride delivered in the action of stepping back from the hurried, rushed, instantaneous fervor that modern society has thrust upon us. Despite the natural inclination toward artistic expression, a great number of would be artist find themselves wrapped up in the ease of technological advancement, which has served to take humankind away from the simple pleasures of a brush in the hand and a vision in the head. Whether it becomes a lifetime passion or a once and done deal, unfinished furniture is a relatively easy place to start.

While you’re busy creating a unique look all your own, and saving money in the long run, you may just notice that your ability to create your own interior has a tremendous draw. It’s not so difficult to purchase the ready made type, or even the some assembly required type, of furniture. There also isn’t much satisfaction in it.

A more practical advantage of choosing the natural path is being able to see exactly what you’re purchasing. The manufacturer doesn’t have the opportunity to hide, patch, or otherwise deceive the eye when it comes to flaws in the wood. Finished furniture can have imperfections puttied and glued, and then sanded down to a natural look before finishing. Unfinished furniture stands before you all naked and exposed, looking pure and natural in its completely true form. This allows for a much closer inspection and the ability to pick out defects that run the risk of inflicting negatives on the wood’s integrity.

Albeit some small advantages of buying unfinished furniture, the service you receive in smaller stores outweighs that of the large chains ten fold. If you run into a problem, there will be a real live human being to help you through it. If you’re not exactly sure what you want, there will be an eager face there to guide your selection. The education you will learn is significant, and can simply be downright fun.



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