Allow This Truth to Liberate You

Energy becomes matter. Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

The choice right now is between living a life based in matter or living a life based in energy? Is your life about stuff or feelings? Do you value owning more of what you want or feeling more of what you want?

Let’s say you got to pick between door #1 or door #2. Behind each door is a potential future reality that, when chosen, becomes your truth. Behind door #1 is the you who has everything, emphasis on thing, that you’ve ever desired: the toys, cars, homes, shoes, travel, jewelry… Behind door #2 is the you that feels constant joy, peace, gratitude, wellness, appreciation, compassion, happiness….

Which would you choose?

If you knew that for sure you would always be living in a state of pure joy and gratitude, would you care what “stuff” you had around you? Probably not.

The liberation comes when you embrace the truth that you can create from within whatever energy, feeling or emotion, that you desire, in any moment, no matter the state of your external circumstance.

The liberation comes when you realize that life is an inside out job. Otherwise, you allow your external state to determine your internal state, and you are out of alignment with the flow of how life works.

Here are three different perspectives to help you embody and integrate this truth:

  1. Emotions are energy, and energy becomes matter.

You feel emotions, correct? Bring into your awareness now a feeling you had when you were scared, or startled. Remember that jolt of electricity kind of feeling that surges through you when watching the horror movie or hearing an unexpected, sudden siren or crash? That feeling is energy.

Likewise, you can probably remember a time when you were super relaxed and chill and it almost felt like you were floating or glowing? That feeling is energy.

Those feelings are not things. While you may not have everything you need in this exact moment to build a car or prepare a soufflé, you do have everything you need right now to create worry, stress, gratitude, joy or peace.

Where we can get stuck is in the thinking that the things outside of us will create the feeling, or energy, that we desire. “If I have this, or him or her, or that, I will be happy.”

The truth is we are only free when we remember that our life experience is a reflection of the feeling or energy we are choosing to create from the inside.

The “simple, but not easy” truth is that you can choose the energy you create from within and allow that energy to manifest into your life experience. Focus on what you are grateful for and the more opportunities for you to feel grateful will appear into your external reality. What are all the things right now that make you happy? Ask yourself that to distract your mind from what is worrying you.

“Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones.” ~ Mike Dooley

  1. Like attracts like.

What I have witnessed over and over in my 23 years of coaching others on how to live as Life Artists, is that we most often follow up our feeling of desire with feelings of unworthiness, disbelief, self-doubt or worry.

When you worry, you are generating from within feelings that don’t feel good and painting pictures in your mind of potential future realities that are not what you really want.

Like energy attracts like energy. When you worry, you attract worry.

Or you could choose, again simple but not easy, to follow up your desire with feelings of gratitude, accomplishment, freedom, peace, joy or happiness. You can imagine you experiencing the fruition of your desire and feeling the feeling that you would be experiencing.

Do you want to take a trip this winter? How would it feel to be lying in the sun, looking out a crystalline, blue waters? Feel that. Resist following up your desire to take a vacation with feelings of worry about not having enough money or time or… Like attracts like. Feel into more of what you like.

  1. What emotions do I want to reinforce with my thoughts?

We get to experience emotions in two different ways. Some are received in the present moment. The emotion is an instantaneous reaction to an idea, a song, a person, etc. Other emotions are experienced because we reinforce them with our thoughts.

A person may experience a wave of loneliness when they see a couple holding hands or they see a movie on tv they would like to be watching snuggled up to a partner. The emotion is completely valid and true to that moment. And, if you take a moment to reflect, you can understand that you don’t have to be stuck in that emotion unless you choose to be so.

This is where you are liberated. You feel loneliness, worry, fear, anger…and then you remember you are free to choose to reinforce that feeling with thoughts that support all the reasons you are lonely, afraid, etc., or to reinforce that feeling with thoughts that are in alignment with how you want to feel: grateful, happy, safe, compassion, etc.

What emotions are you reinforcing with your thoughts? Your inner dialogue can either offer “loneliness” a chair and pour it a cup of red wine, or it can choose to focus on what is loving, supporting, inspiring or nurturing you right now.

When you reinforce the emotions you desire to feel with resonant ideas and visions, you are attracting more of what you want to experience in your life, inside and out. Energy becomes matter. You are free to generate more of what you want.

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