Are You Having a Girl or a Boy – Should you Find Out

The excitement of the wait is upon you. You know you are pregnant and now have visions of baby pink booties swirling through your head. But wait, are they pink or are they blue? Your husband thinks about his little boy. Or is it his little princess? For many people, finding out you are a pregnant is followed by the excitement of the constant question, ‘are you having a girl or a boy?’

In a Baby Center Poll, around 64% of all expectant mothers said they couldn’t wait to find out the sex of their baby. Years ago, knowing the sex of the baby (for sure) was nearly an impossibility. Sure, they have always been tons of old wives tales that range the gamut from hanging a needle on a string over your belly to how high or low you are carrying. And there have always been plenty of people who like to play the boy or girl guessing game, believing that their secret method works. But with 50/50 odds, the chances are pretty high that some of those things and people will be right, with no scientific evidence to back them up.

However, today, with routine ultrasounds scheduled between the 16th and 21st week of pregnancy when the sex can be detected, the cat is definitely on its way out of the bag. In most cases, ultrasound techs, given a good view of the genetalia of the fetus can predict the sex to the tune of 90% accuracy. Of course, if the baby is positioned so that the genitals are hidden, the sex too can be hidden until next time. Doctors can also find out the sex of the baby, with accuracy when they do the amniotic testing if you choose to undergo it.

Most recently, there is a test that is available on line (and in some doctors office) which allows women to find out the sex of their baby at 7 weeks along, just days after the first pregnancy test would turn positive. In 6,000 pregnancies that the Journal of American Medical Association studied, the home blood test was accurate at 7 weeks, in 95% of the cases. The test called Pink or Blue is also sold online, and will cost consumers around $30 complete with lab work and shipping and handling.

You have to wonder however, if gender testing has gone too far? In many countries where it is looked down upon to have a first-born girl, or in China where births are being regulated, more and more women are using gender testing as a way for gender selecting. The testing agency that runs the Pink or Blue testing, requires patients to sign a form that says they won’t be choosing to abort the baby, based on the results of the test.

Yet today, with so many advances and people feeling entitled to so much information that allows them to prepare and plan ahead of time, knowing the sex of the baby can make things easier. The baby room can be decorated, clothes can be purchased, and it makes it easier to think about names, and helps families prepare all the way around for the little ones arrival. Many parents eager to find out the sex, also are able to bond with baby, and will often refer to their package of prenatal joy by name. Plus, for couples who really desired one sex over the other (and yes, there are many people that do) they are afforded extra time to get used to the sex of the baby.

For those that don’t want to know the sex of their baby, the dreaming continues. And many people believe that this dreaming helps to create a magical bond with their baby long before they get to touch his (or her) toes. These parents are normally looking for one of those ‘aha’ moments filled with tears of job and excitement beyond belief. Childbirth in and of itself is a wondrous act of nature, but to find out if you are having a son or daughter along with it, can add to the element of surprise. These couples often feel that not knowing the sex of the baby is how it is supposed to.

Truth is there is no right or wrong way to go about finding out the sex of the baby. If you want to know, then simply asking your ultrasound tech to tell you, and show you your baby’s genitalia, is all it takes. From there, whether you choose to tell others or not is completely up to you.

You should know one thing when it comes to the sex of your baby. Millions of people feel instantly disappointed upon finding out the sex of the baby. Sometimes dads feel let down knowing that they are having a daughter instead of a son. The family with 3 girls, is likely hoping to have the son. All of these responses are normal, and are often quite simply based on fear of not believing that they will be good parents to the other sex. The truth is that once the baby arrives, suddenly, whether it is a he or she, becomes a non-issue. You will be so overjoyed with love, and disbelief at how tiny and fragile your child is, and the life that you created, that anything you ever felt beforehand will seem insignificant.

Whether you find out the sex of your baby and share the news with the world, or wait until that highly anticipated day of delivery’ you are assured to be surprised!



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