Are You Normal – Do you do Any of the Following?

Have you checked out YouTube lately? Watched any reality shows on primetime television? If so, then chances are you know firsthand just how ridiculous the human race can be. Hot dog eating contests, and dating reality shows. Wife swapping and daredevil stunts that have stupid written all over them. Strange addictions to eating chalk, or soap or swallowing glass. Let’s face it; we live in a world filled with all sorts of people that are often riddled with the lack of common sense. The line between normal and abnormal is completely blurred, and we have become a nation of individuals.

When it comes to the real world – the world you live in, chances are high you do some pretty silly things yourself. We all have quirky, silly, crazy idiosyncrasies or daily habits that make us strange. Or do they? In the interest of fun, let’s play a little game of check yes or no! Do you do any of the following?

  1. Name your car? Anyone got an ‘Ol Betsy, or Vic the Van’ that they drive around town. Are you so in love with your car that you bought it personalized tags, and actually spent time contemplating a name for it? (Or him or her if cars have genders) According to a survey if you name your car – you are not alone – around 53% of drivers give their car a name. And the names topping the list….Betty, Betsy, Bess and Bertie!
  2. Skimp on toilet paper? You like the finest bath soap, and send tons of money on luxurious sheets. But when it comes to the toilet tissue in your bathroom – you don’t spend a penny more than you have to. And it shows, every time you leave the bathroom you end up with fragments of tissue stuck in not so friendly places. What does your one-ply see through toilet paper say about you? Does it mean you are thrifty or downright cheap? With all the coupons available today for toilet paper, you can get the ‘good stuff’ for about the same price as the recycled construction paper some companies call toilet tissue.
  3. Eat after your dog? Fido is your buddy. But do you really love him so much that you aren’t the least bit disgusted by eating after him, or allowing him to take a lick off your ice cream cone. According to a PetSmart survey, 67% of dog owners admit to eating after their dogs, or allowing their dogs to lick off their plates. Certainly there are worse things, right?
  4. Pick your nose in your car? You do. You might not realize that you do it, but you do. For some reason people get in their cars and suddenly think they become invisible. And of course, the first thing that happens at the red light is a little booger digging. Drive down any street on any given day, and you will see businessmen adorned in suit and ties picking their noses as if they are in the privacy of their own bathroom.
  5. Pass gas in an elevator. Why do people do this? Even if you are alone for just a moment – don’t you realize the risk involved when the elevator stops at the next floor?
  6. Butt in line? Remember the ‘no frontsies’ rule that you learned in kindergarten. For whatever reason as kids become adults they forget about it. People butt in line to steal parking spaces, or hurry to cash registers just to get their goods on the conveyor belt three seconds before another person. It’s actually sort of ridiculous to sit back and watch how far we have come as a “ME FIRST” generation. So admit it, you have swooped in front of someone before, right?
  7. Take your dentures out when you eat. You got dentures for a reason, to help you eat. So why is that people take them out to eat. Its one thing to do this within the privacy of your own home – but to do it in a restaurant?
  8. Speaking of restaurants – isn’t there some rule about eating while you are standing at the buffet. If not, there should be. Visit a buffet, and at any given time, you will see some adult eating while they are filling their plate. Just gross!
  9. Lie. According to a Reuter’s survey – 89% of the people surveyed admitted to lying at least once per day. Sure, maybe they are little white lies, or lies to save someone’s feelings – but they are lies nonetheless. Honesty, as a golden rule is definitely something that has fallen by the wayside. Today, adults feel justified in their lying.

This is a list that could go on and on. At the end of the day, there are very few things that you could do that would make you ‘abnormal’ according to today’s terms. The good news is that as we evolve as a more accepting society – we have learned to laugh at our own and other people’s strange behaviors. And sometimes, we even make TV shows out of them!



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