Area Rugs for the Bedroom

When you want to add instant flair and character to your bedroom, start with the floor. An area rug can bring a room to life, make a great focal point and enhance warmth and comfort. The area rug is the most important accessory for the bedroom. An area rug anchors a room and brings a sense of completion and unity to the whole scene. There are many factors to consider when choosing area rugs for the bedroom, but don’t be floored by the vast selectio

If budget is your primary concern, your first consideration should be handmade versus machine produced. Both have practical advantages. Handmade area rugs are generally of high quality and no two are the same. They are made from natural fibers, such as wool or silk. Wool absorbs color better than synthetics and gives the rug a much more natural look. Natural fibers last longer and withstand more foot traffic. In the bedroom, though, heavy wear probably doesn’t need to be a concern. The down side of a handmade area rug is that it can be expensive.

If your budget doesn’t allow for the expense of a handmade area rug, machine made is a good option. There are many manufacturers that produce great quality rugs that are made with a combination of natural and synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers that are traditionally used are nylon, polyester and acrylic. All are durable and, for the most part, stain resistant. Synthetics that are woven together with natural fibers such as wool or cotton can create an area rug that has vivid color and is luxuriously soft. Add affordability to the benefits and you have the perfect area rug for a bedroom!

When you are decorating a bedroom from scratch, the rug is the best place to start. Consider the area rug a piece of art and let it inspire the rest of the room. If a particular area rug speaks to you, take it home, place it in the bedroom and let the journey begin. Pick out colors from the rug to use in window treatment fabrics, bedding and other accessories. Echo the background color of the rug on the walls for a clean, open visual appeal. Use the rug as the bedroom’s focal point and arrange the furnishings accordingly. A strong patterned rug works well in this instance, such as a center medallion. For a child’s bedroom, a themed approach is always a winner.

Are you just adding a rug to an already decorated room? If so, you need to consider the colors and patterns that are in the fabrics, furniture and accessories. Instead of letting the rug inspire you, take the opposite approach. The bedroom’s decor will dictate the style of area rug you choose. If the bedroom is cool and casual, consider a breezy cotton rug with an allover pattern. If you’re buying an area rug for a child’s room, tie it into the theme or add some fun dimension with a contemporary geometric design. Bring swatches of fabric or paint with you to select just the right area rug that fits the room. Consider color, style, pattern and texture.

An area rug’s color can work as a complement or contrast to the room. If you are unsure, study the color wheel to determine which colors work best in this capacity. Don’t try to match the rug exactly to a particular color in the room. Just think about the overall look of the room. Do the colors flow well together? Do the colors in the area rug unify most of the elements in the room? Contrasting colors can make a bold impact in a bedroom. Sometimes bringing a picture of your bedroom with you can help you visualize the rug in the space and get a feel for color combinations.

If there is already a heavy concentration of pattern in the room, you may opt for a solid area rug or one that offers blocks of different solids to break up the room. An animal print area rug is always in style and fits great with traditional or contemporary interiors. Abstract area rugs work great in contemporary settings, picking up the various contours of more modern furnishings. Abstract rugs work great in traditional bedrooms as well. They offer a surprising contrast to the room while taming its formal tone with sophistication. Oriental and floral area rugs can really add great color and finesse to any style bedroom. Do you choose a small or large pattern? Let the size of the room be the judge. A small patterned rug may get lost in a large bedroom. On the other hand, a large pattern may be overwhelming in a small room.

Think of shape when considering area rugs for the bedroom. Think outside the box (or rectangle) and opt for a round area rug. These look great in front of the bay window of a bedroom sitting area. Place a round area rug there and a rectangular one elsewhere in the room to separate the spaces. Choose the same pattern or mix it up a little with two different patterns. But be sure to keep within the same color range and watch for scale.

Standard sizes for area rugs range from approximately 4×6 to 8×11. Larger sizes range from roughly 10×13 to 13×16. Choose a size that is consistent with the length and width of the furniture, predominantly the bed. If the room is large enough, place the rug on the side or at the foot of the bed, keeping overall balance in mind. Don’t overcrowd a small bedroom with a rug. Keep a border of at least three foot between the wall and rug. Rugs don’t have to be placed exactly square. Jazz up the space by placing the rug at a diagonal. An area rug doesn’t have to be placed exactly center stage in a bedroom either. It can be placed halfway under the bed and extend out into the room. And you don’t have to choose just one large rug. It’s okay to place two or more at different areas. Many rug manufacturers make sets of rugs that can work great in a bedroom.

When buying area rugs for the bedroom, don’t forget the padding. This is important as it keeps the rug firmly in place, cuts down on noise and provides extra cushion. It is especially important if you’re placing area rugs on wood floors. Padding also reduces wear on the area rug and makes it much easier to vacuum!

In the end, the selection will always come down to your personal preferences and tastes. Consider what you want that bedroom to represent. Consider the area rug a piece of art. Art doesn’t have to be for walls only. Remember, the area rug you choose for the bedroom will bring warmth, style and pizzazz to the space. Let it be a reflection of you…a reflection of your taste in art.



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