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With a BA combined degree in Art & Design and Psychology and a Diploma in Interior Design Anoushka runs an interior design business (SmartSpace Interiors) from Sydney, Australia. She has a passion for all things design, and enjoys translating her clients styles into their homes. Anoushka started writing when she set up her business through a weekly interior design blog on her website. Since then she has contributed articles and posts to a number of blogs and network websites throughout the US and Australia always with a focus on home décor and interior design.

Common Design Questions

Anoushka Allum
There are a few common design questions that as a designer I frequently get asked when working with clients, these include: How do I plan where my furniture needs to...

Home Design Trends from Australia

Anoushka Allum
As we are heading into summer in Australia our outdoor spaces become even more important to our homes. Being a country known for the outdoor lifestyle it’s no surprise that...