Gary W. Peterson

What Kind Of Wine Goes With Ham?

Most of the time, matching food with wine is pretty straight forward. There are, however, some foods that are more difficult to match up. Turkey

Pyrenees Vineyard & Cellar

Pyrenees Vineyards & Cellar ( is located in Southern Oregon in the land of 100 Valleys, and the famed Umpqua Valley Wine District. This winery

Great Tasting Pinot Noir

So what is a “great tasting Pinot Noir” really? In my humble opinion it would be a Pinot Noir that I enjoy drinking, has the

Great Red Wines for Under $25

In spite of our best efforts, the holidays hurt. We budget, we plan, and we fail. Our loved ones demand that extra twenty-five dollars. Twenty

Pairing Wine with Cheese

Few things are more stylish than hosting a wine and cheese social, providing the host has a rudimentary knowledge of pairing wine with cheese. This