Leslie Culpepper

Holidays with an Adopted Child

For many parents, the holidays are always stressful. The heightened expectations, financial stress and packed schedules that most parents experience around the holidays can make

Interior Paint Color Combinations

Choosing the right interior paint color combination can be an agonizing decision. Not only is painting a room a time-consuming project, it’s also expensive. A

Why Become a Vegetarian

For many people, the decision to become a vegetarian is not made lightly. In many homes across America, most meals must include meat in order

Popular Bedroom Paint Colors

Your bedroom should be the place in your house where you feel the most comfortable. Everything from the furniture to the decor should put you

Preparing To Adopt

The choice to start a family, whether you are going to have children biologically or through adoption, is one of the biggest decisions you will

Becoming A Foster Parent

One of the most difficult parts of parenting, and it’s not something everyone experiences, is caring for a traumatized child. Yet the majority of children