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I am primarily a writer but have loads of experience in editing and the over-writing (or ghost writing) process. I am a seasoned researcher and also revel in proofreading to help improve other writer's work. I have written countless newspaper articles, magazine articles, and have written, designed and produced numerous books and booklets. I have prepared and circulated many press releases and done copywriting for brochures, adverts and packaging. During the past three years I have produced a mountain of web content, including numerous SEO articles and blogs. I cut my teeth on ebooks in 2009, and have ghost-written and designed several for clients in different parts of the world. My interests are varied, as is my expertise. I am also enthusiastic and reliable. I am available for all types of writing related projects including reporting and copywriting, as well as editing, over-writing, proofreading and project managing for publishers and other employers. Non-fiction books are my forte. I am based in the Western Cape, close to Cape Town, South Africa.

How Long Do Dogs Live

Penny Swift
It is often said that dogs are a man’s best friend, but how long is your best furry friend going to live? While there are no hard and fast guarantees

Selecting Hardware for the Front Door

Penny Swift
All doors require hardware, including handles and locks of some sort. But it is your front door that will require the most careful attention, largely for security reasons, since this

What to Look for when Buying Windows

Penny Swift
Every house has windows and doors, and most of them belie the processes involved in terms of choice and design. Today more than ever before a window is not simply

Fiberglass Windows and Doors

Penny Swift
If you are about to embark on a home-building project, you are going to be looking at all the possible materials you can use. There is a huge choice and

Eco Friendly Windows – Pros and Cons

Penny Swift
There is no doubt that a growing number of people worldwide are striving to make buildings considerably more environmentally friendly than ever before. For new home builders, essentially this means

Water Efficient Shower Heads

Penny Swift
It is generally accepted that you will save water if you shower rather than bath. Apart from that it is considered a healthier option, since when you shower you have

How to Paint over Wallpaper

Penny Swift
It doesn’t matter what type of paint job you are going to tackle, preparation is the most important part. So here’s the bad news. Whether you want to know how

On Demand Water Heaters – Pros and Cons

Penny Swift
On demand point-of-use or instant water heaters are relatively small appliances that produce hot water instantly, when we need it. Most do not incorporate any sort of tank, and only