Tannas Walsh

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Tannas Walsh is coming up on the half a century mark and brings with her the dark wit and sardonic humor that has crossed her path during this time. Her obsession with all things dark and humorous began as a small child when she realized that tears of laughter really were the best medicine. It started at the tender age of 10 when locked in the trunk of a car after acting up in a fine dining establishment and told to “Think about what you have done”. She did and she is still laughing. Tannas lived in several countries during her formative years and found that regardless of the language spoken, laughter and humor is found on every continent of this big blue marble. She laughs in the face of Death and grins at the wee Heebie Jeebies that hide in dark corners. Nothing seems to faze her or her sharp tongue. Heed whomever is brave enough to attempt to spar with her. She’s fast. Like a Marsupial. You can follow Tannas by visiting her facebook at: click here